1705 Tasting Notes

drank Assam 2nd Flush Green by What-Cha
1705 tasting notes

I get to be the first to review this. If I have ever had a green Assam before, I don’t recall it. In fact, I have had very, very, few Assams that were made of entire unbroken leaves. So I’m impressed from the start. The dry leaf smells of malt and oat cereal (otherwise known as Cheerios). The wet leaf is vegetal with an ocean breeze freshness and a hint of citrus. Now describing the taste is harder because it reminds me of a memory from when I was 12. Simplified – it reminds me of a fountain that tasted like a fresh mountain stream. Pretty sure it will not evoke the same for you – sorry. It has a touch of astringency and a light amount of bitterness that add to the experience. I also get lemony citrus notes. The aftertaste really lingers with grassy notes. The second mug had even stronger flavors. Especially while hot this had cave notes or sort of mild mushroom. It became more green tea tasting as it cooled. I am pretty certain this would go at least another mug. A neat everyday green.

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Digging through one of my tea drawers and found this half used sample. It looked so alone. One minute and 30 seconds later, I was sipping perfection. Cucumber and hay. Seems to have suffered very little from my absentminded abandonment. My favorite silver needle.

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drank Orange Pekoe by Mother Parkers
1705 tasting notes

My Saturday morning restaurant tea. It is pretty funny right now watching the guy server trying to butter up to me because I gave tea to the lady server. He is trying. It is kind of like an agnostic trying to talk Bible with a believer. He doesn’t really ‘get’ the connection. I’m working on him. I think I’ll take some Candy Cane Lane and Sugar Cookie for him to try. He isn’t ready for meat. Right now, he sort of heats the cup but the water is already cooling by the time he gets to the table. Still a pleasant tea for cheap bagged stuff.

Total Tea Girl – the lady server – was swamped but we talked as she ran past the table. She wasn’t feeling well so kind of glad she kept her distance. ;) First time she ran past she said, I just have to say I have been enjoying some amazing teas all week. Specifically she mentioned the Dragon Pearls. The one’s I gave her are good but no where near as good as the Teavivre Premium. I’ll dig through my stash and find her the good stuff.

She also mentioned the Nina’s Earl Grey. She said it was amazing. Her roommate could smell it across the room and asked what she was drinking – nothing, move along nothing to see here. This is not the tea you are looking for. (I sense a disturbance in the force from a pilfering roomie – just guessing)

Talking about all of the teas, and especially some of the green’s (dragon well for one), she commented on how clean and crisp they were. This comment made me very happy.

She told me she lived in China for a while and has been asked to return as an English teacher. Can’t wait to discuss this more in depth with her.

I promised her some lapsang souchong next time, which she has never heard of, and I think she needs to experience golden tips. It was a game changer for me. I’m debating on pu-erh. Ashmanra has much success with it. Since I can’t control the pot, I’m not sure about it yet.


It’s nice to gain converts or find other fans among the already converted. :)


haha, love hearing about your weekly restaurant encounters!

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Last night’s late night tea. I could drink this every day. I always add sweetener for that extra cookie rush.

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drank Candy Cane Lane by Celestial Seasonings
1705 tasting notes

Last night’s evening tea. The only mint tea I crave. This stuff just makes me all happy inside.

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drank green tea powder 250g pack by Tradition
1705 tasting notes

I saw this mentioned in a discussion. Read the reviews – Gingko and The DJ Booth both seemed impressed. I drink green tea powder everyday and let’s face it, I’m cheap. I looked this up on Amazon and it was like $10.50 for over half a pound of tea. I got free shipping with some accompanying Christmas present orders. This is half the price of what I normally drink. The company is in Taiwan, so I believe the tea comes from there as well.

Long introduction to say with the addition of milk and flavoring added, I can tell very little difference between this and the costlier (but still pretty cheap) version. I’ll watch it for a few days before totally committing – although with over 8 oz of it, I am kind of committed anyway. What difference I did note was this may be a little less bitter, with a little less potent flavor. Or maybe, I just haven’t got my mix right yet. Either way, I am satisfied at the moment.


That’s my strawberry tea people…can’t be too bad!


I thought the strawberry tea was from Good-Young or something like that. I have searched for a strawberry tea I like as well – haven’t found one yet. Next time I am near the world mart I need to try Ahmad Strawberry. They have never let me down yet.


I think it’s got about twelve names, but Traditions is also on the box. We were at a World Market last weekend (I was so-o-o-o-o good in the tea aisle, I still have claw marks on my palms from clenching my hands). But not much Ahmad there at all.


I remember the Traditions/Good Young thing now. I have a tin of loose poo like that. Mostly not English. I think I had it for a year before I learned the company that distributed it.

I know too well the claw marks but it did allow the Ahmad to stay in the store – until next time.

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drank Lotus by The Persimmon Tree Tea Company
1705 tasting notes

I see the bottom of the tin. This must eventually be replaced. It is so very good. Solid Vietnamese green tea base, scented with lotus blossoms.

Miss Starfish

I call this “hitting pan” (phrase started in regards to using up eyeshadows), and it is a much celebrated/much mourned event in our house haha

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drank Darjeeling by Tea of Life
1705 tasting notes

I have been trying to deal with insurance all day with no headway made. I long for the days of oblivious company provided insurance. I venture to guess most people in the states have no idea what their insurance costs – maybe just the portion they have to pay themselves and they think that is too high. Without getting on a rant, allow me to say, AAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkk!

So, reached into one of my many boxes and pulled this out. I don’t remember it. Turns out I even wrote a short review. I am having a day and this certainly did not help. This is really bad. It isn’t even worth any more words.


I understand that aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!


My dad lived in the US briefly and had a medical emergency while I was there visiting him. The insurance system was ridiculously stressful to navigate in an emergency. Made me so glad to live in Canada, where I have pretty much never had to think about money in connection to basic health care.

I was super impressed with how beautiful and modern the hospitals were, and how quickly we got in to see a specialist (days, instead of weeks or months, as it can be here.) But I guess that’s what happens in a for profit system where some people have access and others don’t.

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Check it out. I am drinking a tea grown in Russia! I find that really cool. Had I even known in my youth that tea was grown in Russia, it would have been unimaginable that I would one day get to try it. But here I sit with tea grown in one of the most northern plantations in the world. I expected a very brash tannin laced cup but this is a smooth and mellow tea with no bitterness. Amazing considering the 4 minute steep. The scent is sweet (honey) and malt with a bit of grain. The taste at first makes me think Dian Hong without the sweet potato or caramel. It is lightly malt. Then for a moment I entertain a connection to Nepal as this has a slight woodsy/raisin flavor, but the total mellowness of the cup stops the reference in its tracks. With the second mug I lose all reference to other teas. This is still very smooth but the raisin is greatly enhanced. Along with it are notes of mushroom, earth, and mineral. This is a unique tea and a unique experience that few in the west will ever have the pleasure of trying. I realized as I was writing my blog review how tea makes the world somehow smaller and more connected than I had imagined. To paraphrase Kermit, why can’t we be more tea?


I’m very intrigued by What-Cha’s Russian offerings as well. Thanks for reviewing and sharing with us!


A Southern Season sells a tea grown just upwind of Chernobyl. LOL! I understand that there is some sort of agreement to keep high standards for Russian tea by requiring that all of it be orthodox processed by hand. Don’t know if it is true, but that is how the write up tried to sell Georgia Gold.


ashmanra, I just had a look at Southern Seas website and I think you are referring to a Georgian tea?

Just for reference, Georgia and Krasnodar (Russia) are located to the south east of Chernobyl and the radiation is focussed upon northern Ukraine, Belarus and parts of Finland, Sweden, Norway, Austria and Switzerland. You would probably have a great chance of consuming food affected by Chernobyl from those countries than from Georgia or Krasnodar.

Not all Russian or Georgian teas are made by hand


I’m thinking glow in the dark tea could be real handy first thing in the morning, or maybe that’s just me. No glow here, and no black helicopters circling overhead so I am not concerned.

I couldn’t find Georgia Gold on A Southern Seasons website. Ashmanra, have you tried it?


(Off to Google for a geography refresher.)


i’m jealous.

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drank Honey Black Tea by Green Terrace Teas
1705 tasting notes

I’m too lazy to review something new today.
This one is open and I know it is excellent.
The end ;)

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