1705 Tasting Notes

drank Organic Green Tea Powder by Teavivre
1705 tasting notes

Wheat toast drizzled with clover honey and my morning glass of green tea powder in 2% milk, with caramel and vanilla syrup. It sounds healthy, and whether it is or not, it sure was satisfying. We had our thanksgiving meal at home last night. My wife does some kind of spice rub on the turkey and it is delicious. Later today we will be at my niece’s were most of the family gathers for thanksgiving. It will be a rough one this year as we buried my brother’s wife and soul mate Monday. I don’t mention that for sympathy. I’m reminding you to be thankful for those who are with you – even if they occasionally drive you nuts. Be thankful for the memories of those who have gone on ahead. In all things rejoice. I say it again rejoice!


So thankful <3


Beautiful note, KS.


Yes! God bless and comfort you and yours, my friend.


Will be praying for your family as you notice the empty space during the holidays.

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Not what I was expecting. Dry it has a light scent of bergamot. Brewed it has a rooibos scent. Hot this is rooibos but rooibos mellowed. It does not have the typical overwhelming scratchy rooibos taste. Absent from my perspective is the citrus. I am certain that is what tames the herbal leaf. I just don’t taste it. Once the cup cools the bergamot comes out to play and it is pleasant enough. I liked this best at room temperature. If you are looking for a way to learn to like rooibos, this might do it for you. If you want a stout cup of herbal Earl Grey this is not it. As its own thing, I did enjoy this one.

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drank Earl Grey by Nina's Paris
1705 tasting notes

A beautiful cup of tea on a day when it was needed beyond words. Thank you ashmanra.


You’re welcome! >hugs<

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drank Orange Pekoe by Mother Parkers
1705 tasting notes

Our usual tradition is to go out for breakfast on Saturdays. Always the same place where I always order hot tea. Because of my wife’s craft shows we haven’t gone for a month. I was happy to see our server today is the same that told me she was a total tea fan girl. When I ordered she warned, “You know it will take a while because I have to warm up the mug.” When she brought it out the tea was already in the steaming mug and she placed a saucer on top as a lid after setting it down. Awesome. I told her how cool it was to be served by someone who ‘gets it’. She was busy so I waited for a slow moment and asked if she ever drank loose leaf. She does. I told her I would bring her a thank you package next time. She said her favorite is chai but she would try about anything. I might still have some white chai. That made her eyes light up. Now if she can just get the other servers trained in the ways of tea, this corner of the world will be better for it.

Even lowly tea-bag tea actually can be pretty decent if prepared correctly especially when served with a meal.


oh my God there are a lot of corners of the world to train to get a decent cup of tea outside home…and big cities aren’t better at all. Lucky you to have found this charming lady.


Yeah for a server who gets it. Maybe if she brags about her little package from you, the others there may be intrigued to learn as well.


What kind of crafts? It’s heavy crafting season around here, too.


I’ve tried talking to a couple of the other regular servers. Yeah, their eyes glaze over very quickly. This lady is a jewel. I get far better tea from the bag with her serving than I do at the coffee shop that carries tea.

gmathis – she makes doll clothes that fit 18" or American Girl dolls. If I understood imgur I would post a pic of a biker chick outfit she made. I picked out the pleather material and suggested chains. A lady at the Harley shop came up with other ideas.


I uploaded a couple pics on picasa my wife took of her biker girl. I think you can view them. It is actually a lot cuter in person. Let me know if you can view them as I haven’t tried this before. https://picasaweb.google.com/112676022270636121955/BikerGirl?authkey=Gv1sRgCKmZlejRpMuvZA


Now I remember—you’d mentioned it somewhere along the line. The biker babe is adorable!

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drank Mindful Morning Blend by Plum Deluxe
1705 tasting notes

Oh Poo! My teapot skills are terrible. I wanted to share this with my son this morning, so I made a pot full. A pretty insignificant pot full. Yesterday’s mug was so wonderful. I thought I added enough leaf today, but obviously not. I should have just brewed individual mugs. I know how to do that. Next time. Then he stomped me in Mario Kart 8. Finally, as he walked out the door he pocketed my Periwinkle tea. Hmmph! :)


:o That boy! Hahaha.


Aw, I’ve been wishing I could play Mario kart 8!


Your family stories are always so cute.


Have you guys gotten the DLC? We’re loving the multi-colored Yoshies. :D


With rural internet you have to be real protective of what you download. 1Gb is a lot of download. Is it worth it? My wife always uses Yoshie.


I’ll take Princess Peach, thank you :)

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drank Mindful Morning Blend by Plum Deluxe
1705 tasting notes

I think I just fixed a mug of tea with bergamot that even Sil would enjoy (Yes, I believe in miracles). I personally don’t think of this as an Earl Grey. Yeah, it starts with Ceylon black tea and a very light hand on the bergamot, but it transcends from there. The addition of orange pieces and honey granules makes this smell so good I wanted to eat it. The taste is very similar to the aroma. The Ceylon adds something sort of an almost chocolate to the orange and honey. It has a vanilla feel and taste. I don’t know where the vanilla comes from but I enjoyed it more than any Earl Grey Cream I have tried. It accomplishes this with solid flavors that do not go over the top and heavy. Did I mention how good this smells?





i dunno KS… i’ve only ever had like ONE BLERGAMOT tea i liked…


You’ve read my comments about trying to like Earl Grey annually and failing…this, however, sound great!


Your description is reminding me of Gout Russe Douchka by Dammann. It sounds wonderful.

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I am not even sure how long it has been since I’ve posted or had real tea. Too much going on to sit and relax. Finally had a quiet moment. I grabbed this one because it was at the front of my What-Cha box. While not the greatest reason, it turned out to be an excellent choice. This is such a wonderful cup of green tea. Crisp and refreshing, light and lingering. Turns out this is just what I needed.


Yay for quiet moments!

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drank Lotus by The Persimmon Tree Tea Company
1705 tasting notes

The leaf is getting kind of ancient, but it is still so very good. I will need to replace this very soon. Not flowery floral. It is amazing floral with the green tea taking it to unique places. Hands down my favorite from The Persimmon Tree.

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Tea of the morning. I could not remember if I had logged this before. I couldn’t even remember drinking it before. Some one needs their Wheaties – not that I have any. I was expecting a big bold cup. This is rather mellow and easy to drink. The dry grain and grass scent is so pleasant. The tea brewed is fruity and floral. It reminds me of something I’ve had recently but obviously I need a hefty blast of caffeine to help wake up the brain. Despite my ability to articulate the most basic concepts this day, this was really, really, good.

I’m still running off my old Internet connection. Not sure why it hasn’t been disabled but I’m not complaining.

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drank Random Steepings by Various Artists
1705 tasting notes

Been awake since 3:00 am. Not on purpose. Later I will be helping my wife with an all day craft show. It is going to be a long day. Miraculously I do still have internet at the moment. Thought it would be gone this morning.

So last night I continued my perfect Earl Grey quest. I mixed 2 parts Nina’s EG, with 2 parts Ahmad EG, and 1 part The Persimmon Tree Lapsang Souchong. Nope this ain’t it. Even at 4/1 the LS overpowered the bergamot. It was a good cup but not what I was going for.

This morning I prepared by volume 1/3 Nina, 1/3 Ahmad, and 1/3 RiverTeas Golden Yunnan. It is real fluffy so I used more and it is only very lightly smoky. I am taking it to the craft show so won’t know till later how it turned out.


Look forward to the update….once you get back online.

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