1719 Tasting Notes

drank Chocolate Peppermint by Tea Horse
1719 tasting notes

After last nights panic attack, I got up early and was standing at the library door when they unlocked it this morning. I was giving them one last chance. Their WiFi signal is so weak that last time the buffering was so bad I had to give up trying. Today started the same. But I don’t want to go to $tarbuck$. Logged off my laptop and logged on to one of their networked desktops. It flew through the videos. Yeah. Except I couldn’t download the accompanying PDF’s. Had to do that later. At least I am caught up on videos and assignments. Now I have to catch up on the examples. I’m tired and my brain hurts. I haven’t even touched my blog but once this month. Short term pain long term gain.

I am finally home and I want tea without thinking. I grabbed this and finished off the last of the sample. Absolutely my favorite chocolate tea to date. The tea base is solid and very present. The main flavor is the chocolate which doesn’t cloud the water or clog the strainer. The mint is fresh and though not the driving flavor it is nicely intense. A very good cup.


Sorry to hear about your struggles, how frustrating. School can be so, so stressful.


Steepster appears to have eaten my reply. Thanks. I’m 57. That probably has an aweful lot to do with it.

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drank Green Tea with Earl Grey by Ahmad Tea
1719 tasting notes

Probably not the brightest idea I have had all day but I fixed two mugs of this just before getting ready for bed. Why? Because I need my own tea. Being out of the house everyday and not near my kettle is getting old. This was much needed and very comforting tonight.

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drank Earl Grey by Tazo
1719 tasting notes

Back at Starbucks today to use the WiFi yet again. There are 145 videos required to watch for my class. I am still about 15 behind so I need to go again tomorrow. The ones I have not watched yet are needed to complete the assignment I am currently working on. Not sure how people with jobs keep up with the work load.

I asked for this iced. She didn’t listen. They had to redo it. I still can’t get over how different this tastes when you get fresh tea as opposed to the sun baked old boxes I have tried in the past.

I really am not as grumpy as I sound – just a little frazzled.


you can do it!


Thanks Sil. I am enjoying the class. I do wish they would just give us the videos on a DVD. Sure would have helped. But then I would never have tried the earl grey again as I had pretty much sworn off Tazo – except for the green tea frap!


see! there’s benefits to even “the suck” lol But yeah…i will be here cheering on your progress! :)

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I have only reviewed this once? That doesn’t seen right….

I read a review I had written a year ago on another tea I had again a few days ago. What I was getting now was no where near as complex as then. I know it was a year ago but they were not even close. In fact almost none of my reviews in the last 6 months compare to a year ago. The big difference is the water source. A year ago I was using municipal water at work in town. Now I am using county water at home. Two different filtration plants, though they both source the water within a 1/4 mile of each other. So today I grabbed a bottle of drinking water and used it. It would be kind of expensive to do this all the time but it really seemed to help.

The leaf on this one is the most beautiful Bai Mu Dan I have encountered thus far in my journey. Once steeped the wet leaf has a warm spicy scent. The liquor is a sparkling clear yellow. The taste is gentle, woodsy, with some bite at the edge of the tongue. The aftertaste is lingering and sweet. A very nice cup for year old leaf.

Pretty sure its the water. Expensive filters are out of the question. So, what works besides getting a job in town :D I have a Brita filter somewhere that years ago when I bought it I could not tell any difference. Should I give it another try? What about adding a pinch of salt to counter the extra hard water? What do you chunky water people do to get a good cup?

Charles Thomas Draper

Pur filter. I like it…

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The last of the sample. It is about a year old. This is still really good. I over steeped on purpose to see what would happen. It is astringent but not heavily so. Despite this it is very smooth. My brain is too shot today to write a better review. This is a solid offering.

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Really belongs under chance combinations, oh well. I used yesterday’s leaf and added some dehydrated camellia flowers and two and a half leaves of lemon verbena. Sadly all I taste is verbena. Next time I’ll know better. Sounded like a good idea at the time.

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So I get to the den this morning, I’m thinking, "I really need a Yunnan or Fugian black. But there is a problem. I have a nasty I can’t think headache and my bag of black teas aren’t finding me. I did stumble upon this and it is one of my favorite Teavivre teas. The leaf is beautiful and interesting too look at. Once brewed it looks so fresh and spring like green. The wet leaf aroma is soup beans. I must be craving ham and beans with cornbread. The liquor is a lovely yellow. The taste is grain (Cheerios) and fruit. The aftertaste is lingering and sweet. This is a very gentle cup. My head is already pounding less. This will probably be my only opportunity for sipping so glad it was a good one.

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I was not on Steepster yesterday. After trying to catch up this morning, it appears yesterday was, “Look a squirrel” day around here. Yeah, you know who you are. Yesterday was low humidity, temps in the mid 70’s with a gentle breeze. Drove an hour and a half to the outlet mall. Yeahm used half a tank of gas so we could save $5 on shoes. It was a nice relaxing day that started with sipping a green tea frap on the way. It has been a while since I last had this. Either I forgot to tell them to use half the syrup or they didn’t pay attention. It was pretty sweet but tasty.


We no longer have squirrels. Or field mice. Or voles. Or small rabbits. Tazo keeps bringing them to us and leaving them thoughtfully under my favorite patio chair.


The ultimate sign of kitty affection! You are loved.

Years ago I had a cat, or rather George had me, that left his thoughtful gifts on the front step. I always had to check before going out the door. I would have preferred under my chair.

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drank Maiden's Mead by Blue Raven Tea
1719 tasting notes

This isn’t on the web site but the pouch was unopened. Possibly very old. The dry scent is kind of licorice. The steeped aroma is lightly floral – like a spring meadow. The sip has a bite of mildly astringent green tea – maybe I overheated or over steeped (190F – 3 minutes) – the primary note is ginger followed by a less pronounced and floral like honey. Late in the sip the licorice comes out again. This is well balanced, different, and interesting. I just don’t know if it appeals to me.

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