1705 Tasting Notes

drank Moscow Nights by Tea Temptations
1705 tasting notes

I wanted iced tea to go with whatever leftover I just heated up. Some kind of spicy ground beef with cheese covered with sweet corn bread. But I digress. This iced is good but I like it better hot I think. The bergamot almost disappears and the smoke is not as layered. Good and satisfying but won’t ice it next time.


I envy anyone with cornbread leftovers.

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This is the first day in over a week I am not frantically running everywhere. I have been very lazy. Finally got around to breakfast and morning tea – at noon – A bowl of rice and a warm mug of this. I think I personally prefer the more boisterous premium version but this is exquisitely smooth. The liquor is so clear and sparkly yellow. The nose is buttery veggies. The late sip and after taste have just a light bite and the flavor really lingers long after the sip is gone. A really tranquil tea for my much needed lazy day.


hooray for lazy days, the best ones :)

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drank Xinyang Green Tips by Peony Tea S.
1705 tasting notes

I woke this morning craving a good China green. While this was steeping I tried to fix my wife’s computer and toast a bagel. Pretty sure the steep time was ok. However, this marvelous tea does not go with bagel/cream cheese/blackberry preserves. Not even a little. It was like sucking on a dandelion stem. I made faces. So I shoved the bagel in my face and slowly tried cleansing my palate. I was halfway through the mug before it became the sweet buttery veggies with a cleansing bite cup I remembered. This is an excellent tea and I am lousy at pairings.

I have been going full speed since Tuesday. I spent this morning in the library watching video lessons for my college course. The instructor did send out an email saying he knew the first class session was like drinking from a fire hose. Pretty much sums it up. He gave us an extra day to complete our first assignments. I have just completed the background prep work so I can try to start on homework this afternoon.

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drank Earl Grey by Tazo
1705 tasting notes

OK, I am sitting in Starbucks downloading a 2gb program. Looking around there are 5 other surfers in the room. I’ll likely be here for most of the day. So must have earl grey. I’ll have to ask them what they did differently – this may well be one of the tastiest eg’s I had. I can’t believe I typed that – it’s Tazo for goodness sake, but it isn’t anything like past experience. I am having it iced. The bergamot is strong and fruity with a hefty floral note late in the sip. It ends with a nice astringent bite that wraps the sides of the tongue. Majorly impressed.

Upping rating to reflect today’s icy cup – might be better if the solo cup were red.


sometimes surprise is around the corner, isn’t it ?


I don’t think I’ve ever tried eg as an iced tea. I’ll have to give it a shot

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I had time for one cup this morning. Sad but true. The day is over and now that I am finally sitting I am too exhausted for another. Glad I picked an earl grey first thing.

I had to get a new computer today so I could do my college assignments at the library. My Internet is too slow and limited to watch the necessary videos or download the programs at home.

The new laptop came with Windows 8. What a were they thinking? I don’t want my computer to pretend it is a tablet/phone. I don’t mind it having the option. The kids will probably like it. For me personally I don’t care about apps. I use programs. This just makes working difficult. Aaacckk! Done griping.


I am with you. I feel like a #2 pencil in a .com world!


We’re due for upgrades at work and I’m dreading it.


Be afraid. Be very afraid. There is no start button. There is no shutdown button, well there is if you figure out how to find it. The start menu is now a cute bunch of blocks that you shove around like phone apps. It is just silly. I don’t care that I’m old school. I don’t want much. Just give me my desktop icon to start a program and explorer to keep things organized… and a shutdown button.

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Getting ready to head off to my first class. I have been craving puerh for days. This seemed the right time. I chose this one because I don’t have time for an extended pu session. This little tuocha will go maybe 3 mugs. It is no rose tuocha but pretty good (Yeah, I know I am in the minority preferring the rose). This I find a little harsher and a little more barnyard. It’s redeeming value is it is sweet and spicy, slightly floral and peaty. It is way better than my description.

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Could have sworn I logged this before. 6oz cup. Just off boiling. The orange and clove are quite nice. The tea suffers from not enough leaf in the bag and being decaf. Even so, this is really hitting my comfort zone dead center tonight. Ready for some sleep. After 32 years I start back to college tomorrow.


Good luck on your first day of school!


I hope you have fun and learn lots!


Good luck! You will fine you will already know more than the rest of the class!


How exciting! I hope you enjoy your first day back


You’ll have fun for sure, you’ll tell us tomorrow which tea you have picked up to begin this first college day

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Rearranged my den a bit. It’s still a mess. 30 years of office collection, plus my guitars, combined with 20 years of this being my wife’s junk room – and can’t move some of it out yet. Got an antenna on my radio so I now have K-Love.

Finally sitting with a cup of this. Lightly sweet, lightly malty and fruity. I iced it after it started to cool. I like it iced. A nice Nepalese tea.

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I swear the last time I had this (years ago) it was very smoky. This is more roasted and kind of reminds me of a mild genmaicha. Very cheap. I paid $2 for 4 ounces. Others said I overpaid as they got it for $1. Way better than the price would suggest. Halfway through the cup I iced it – made a very refreshing iced tea.

190 °F / 87 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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drank Candy Cane Lane by Celestial Seasonings
1705 tasting notes

Last night’s bedtime cup. This is so really good. It almost makes me look forward to cold weather so I can stock up on this and Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride.

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