1705 Tasting Notes

I had great intentions this afternoon. Alas, I could not keep my eyes open. Fortunately I still had some of this in the fridge. Now I either have to wake up or switch to Mtn Dew. Of course switching will accomplish both O.O

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Used the last of this today. Sad to see it go but not just yet. There are a couple cups in these leaves and I will savor every moment with them. This is my favorite from Nature’s Tea Leaf and one of my favorites from anywhere. Cocoa, grain, a little malt. Just simply sweet and delicious.


It really is excellent.

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drank Earl Grey Decaf by Bigelow
1705 tasting notes

Cup from last night. I really wish the bag held more. I don’t want a 5oz cup. Too little tea and decaf. I like it anyway.

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Today for lunch, I had my usual salad but with an overdose of chipotle ranch and banana peppers. I think I squinted with every bite. Wow! This tea has aged a few days in the fridge. It was the perfect rescue. The cooling light mango flavor cut straight through and helped me make it to the next bite. Note to self – too much of a good thing is too much! Liking this more with every bottle.

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drank Palace Needle by Single Origin Teas
1705 tasting notes

This is from a new company. They aim for a balance between cost and quality. I have tried three of their offerings and enjoyed them all.

This is a good everyday Chinese green. Buttery spinach does describe the first cup well. There is a bite at the end that is nice. The aftertaste lingers long and pleasing. Green and fresh.

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I just dug this tea out of the bin. It is the last of my Fong Mong samples. Oh Wow! How is it possible this is a year old? I like oolong. I just seldom drink it. I know it will last through several steeps and I usually want to quit after two. So I feel guilty if I waste it. Wait, I have a fridge. Problem solved.

I had forgotten how really good this is. The name implies it will be super dark and strong. It is just the opposite. The nose is a bit charcoal but the sip is buttery smooth with a hint of baked charcoal goodness and a tingly sensation in the aftertaste. This is more of a green tasting oolong than expected. The liquor is a beautiful shiny golden color. Maybe I will steep this several times after all.

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OK so it is in the 50’s this morning and I get a frozen tea. Hmmmm. I’m not crazy, mom had me checked. The new guy made this. I checked the label. Yep, he used skim milk and held all the syrup. So how did he get it so creamy? Needed a little more matcha but pretty shivery good.


I am wondering if they are offering this frappuccino green tea in Paris, I need to check this


I think Thursdays are your frap days! Lovin the cool weather here also. 51 this morning!

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After slowly sipping on this again today I am still in love. Violet mentioned wondering how this would taste iced. I’ll bet it is really refreshing that way. I may never know. It just won’t stay in my cup long enough.

I called this honey colored last time. I really think it is lighter than that. Maybe white wine? Whatever, it is fascinating me.


I’m with you on WANTING to know how it tastes iced, or cold, but not being able to keep it in the cup long enough to make it iced. I’d drink it boiling if it didn’t pose a burning risk!


This is my Bestie’s favorite tea, and one of my favorites,


Believe me, it is amazing iced!

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Pulled this out of the fridge at chugged on it. Old leaf or not it is pretty good if you don’t try to over analyze it. Sometimes that’s just what you need.

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A few days ago I bought a dorm refrigerator for my den. So now I have ice cubes and iced tea easily in reach while I type. I prepared some iced black tea the other day that I poured into a clear glass 1/2 gallon container. I was blown away by the beautiful red ruby color. Somehow pouring into a white mug does not give the same effect.

As a result of the iced tea incident I found a clear glass mug (Walmart – $2) for hot tea. This is the first mug of tea in the clear glass. The liquor is a gorgeous light honey color. Along with that light jasmine flavor and the subtle notes of the white tea I am in Heaven.

I almost always use a clear glass press to steep the leaf so I can watch the dance and observe the color, but the mug adds so much to my sensory experience and pleasure. This cup is flawlessly clear.

This leaf is nearly a year old and it is still just exquisite!


Use the clear glass mug to brew this tea is very enjoyable, you can watch the leaves floating or sinking on the water.Just like life.


“Just like life” I love that. What a cool way to think about the dance. I feel a little sorry for the tea drinker who never bothers to notice the leaf or the steeping. For me it is a large part of the experience.


We can comprehend lots of things from tea.

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