The tightly rolled nuggets smell grassy and sweet. Slightly buttery, a little like a green tea.

Brewed according to Verdant’s western brewing method. Rinsed with 208 degree water and then steeped for 25 seconds.

The wet leaves smell very grassy and clove like. The light yellow liquor scent on the other hand is absolutely amazing. I have never smelled a tea so complex. Granted, I’m still new to loose teas, especially oolongs, but this is blowing my mind. I can smell butter, grassy scents, citrus and then a super sweet floral scent hit me. Really caught me off guard. I haven’t even taken a sip yet because I can’t stop smelling it.

Alright, here we go…

Wow. The feel of this tea in my mouth is very wet. It’s so smooth. This is going to be so hard to describe. As soon as I take a sip its like a light buttery grassy taste. A few seconds later it starts to change before I swallow. It starts to get sweet and flowery tasting. I can’t really describe it. The after taste though… It tastes so much like citrus. It’s convincing me that I have just ate some type of citrus fruit.

2nd steep (20 sec):

The scent of the 2nd steep is even more floral smelling than the first. I could smell this tea all day. The mouth feel is so good with this tea. It’s tasting sweeter this time around. Maybe a more buttery flavor at the initial sip, but this cup is tasting so close to the first (and I have no problem with that ;P). The after taste is still very similar, but now, beside the citrus I’m tasting a green bean flavor. That’s probably just my untrained palate though. Haha.

3rd steep (20 sec):

I’m going to call the floral scent of this tea honeysuckle. That’s what it smells like to me. So sweet smelling. The third cup has a bite to it. Still delicious though. I’m kind of getting a vanilla flavor. Very nice.

This has been one of the most complex and memorable teas I’ve ever drank. I’ll definitely be ordering more soon. I urge anyone and everyone to try this. I’m very new to tea and this has showed me something I’ve never experienced before.


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