Last summer, the store where my wife works had a tons of boxes of this, the English Breakfast, and the Earl Grey. They didn’t sell well and went on crazy discount, so she brought them all home to me. I was so excited. I love me some cold tea. Well, I still had quite a few boxes left at the end of summer, so I stuffed them into the back of the pantry and forgot about them.

Fast forward to this summer. None of the places where I work give me access to a kettle and I’m running around so much that I really just want something cold to drink. I’ve taken to trying to remember to make a pot of tea the night before and chilling it overnight so I’ll have some in the morning, but I’ve been beyond exhausted when I get home and it just slips my mind. These have become a lifesaver. It takes 2-3 bags to put some actual flavor into the tea, but I’m also using a 24 oz camelbak. Still, I love it. It’s not as amazing as it was to me last summer, I still prefer looseleaf teas chilled overnight, but when faced with bagged tea vs. soda or crystal light or plain water, I’m going to reach for bagged tea.

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Formerly aisling of tea, now you can call me ele .

“You can forgive a murder, but never a mistake while preparing tea.” Chinese proverb

Labels? Here you go: Femme, Wife, Lesbian, Homemaker, Happy. Don’t forget tea fanatic!

New label as of May, 2015: Diabetic. I’m using tea to satisfy my sweet tooth cravings and keep me hydrated without hurting my system or messing with my blood sugar.

Ah, tea. My love for you is ever changing. At my last update, I was all about the rooibos and now I hardly drink it. I only occasionally had an oolong and now I have one just about every day. I’ve learned the art of resteeping and coldbrewing and kombucha. I have a lovely little tea pet named…well, I haven’t decided on a name for him yet. I also have five! live pets, a tabby cat named Rosabella Francis (Bella for short), a ginger cat named Orange Julius Pekoe (Pekoe), a white and grey cat named Earl Jean Grey (Earlie), a tuxedo cat (and the only boy in the house) Prince Erik Darien Darjeeling (JiJi) and a red foot tortoise named Da Hong Pao (Pao). So if you see me referring to my girls, I don’t have kids, just animals.

As for tea, I love oolongs, herbals, and black tea. Since I am no longer working, I no longer feel the constant need for a mate energy boost, though I do still reach for it from time to time. I also drink less matcha, though I do throw a spoonful or two in when I’m making smoothies. Most of my tea I drink coldbrewed, and since I discovered coldbrewed rooibos was giving me headaches, I’m drinking less and less of it. Straight pu-erh is not a thing I enjoy, but there are a few flavored blends I like. Greens are still too finicky for me to bother with hot, but they make great cold brews.

I am by no means a tea purist. I greatly enjoy flavored teas and I put stevia in all of my teas. It’s just how I do.

I think I’m going to name my tea pet Mr. Turtle. Even though he’s a tortoise.


Scarborough, ON



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