Fava Tea Company in Appleton, Wisconsin
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With their large inventory and well-staffed store, Fava Tea Co. is a relaxing, laid-back place to go and buy some awesome fresh tea. You walk in and are welcomed, and they ask if they can help you, but if you indicate you’re fine on your own, you’re left to wander and sniff teas as long as you feel like. There are mini-testers for each tea so you can see and smell the leaf without having to ask for help. You can pick up a small leaflet that has all the names of the teas on it, and write down how many oz. of each one you want. You can purchase as little as one ounce if it’s something you just want to try! If you’re in the area, I think Fava Tea Co. is a must see.



40-year-old mother of one 17-year-old boy living in central Wisconsin with my partner. I love to read, crochet, play my ukulele, and drink tea, of course!

About my cupboard—I have listed every tea that I have 1 oz. or more. Most teas I have about 2 oz. Feel free to ask for a trade. I love to trade for samples. I will warn you now that I’m a slow mailer so you shouldn’t send me your part of the trade until you’ve gotten your package from me!

TEA LIKES: Blacks, Greens, Whites, and only these herbals: Mate, and Guayusa. Berry, nut, coconut, spice, sweet, crème, pineapple, chocolate, citrus, cranberry, mint, vanilla…

TEA DISLIKES: Herbals besides Mate and Guayusa, strong bergamot, sour, tangy, tart, earthy, pu erh, strong oolongs (they smell like manure to me), Jasmine, floral, smoky…


Oshkosh, WI

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