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The dry leafe aroma is nice kinda sweet and vegetal with a subtle fruity scent,
Wet leafe aroma is similar but stronger,it smells slighlty fruity like
a Plum or something, sweet and kinda funky, smells interesting.
The tea soup is excellent with no cloudyness or muddled effect,
no leaf particles or anything.
The taste is very nice very smooth and mellow almost velvety mouthfeel. The flavor is Sweet and fruity with a slight almost vegetal/floral note and something else. No astringency with but a little bit of a bitter.
The fruity taste to me reminiscent of Peach and a bit floral as well almost even perfumey but not quite and not in a bad way at all.
That one thing tho,that taste or scent or something that i just can’t put my finger on, a very slight subtle note of i just don’t know what,I’m gonna say Musk maybe? i’m just not sure.
Anyways it was very good and had a Very nice Qi, it is a feel good tea and very pleasant to drink. it don’t taste the way it smells.

Flavors: Peach

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I think this was my first Tea of the new year 2019…I’m not sure, it was in a tin marked with just “LRO” i don’t know why i do things like that lol.
I’m quite sure it was this Tea tho I’m not sure what year or season tho ive had most of them, oh well.
It tasted very similar to loashan black but with Oolong character.
Dark sweet and delicious, with some rocky mineral note, tastes higher oxidized really rather than just dark roasted.
Oolong is my go to tea on a rainy day and this old tea was lovely tea to start off a Rainy New Year :)
Happy New Year Folks!!!

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