828 Tasting Notes

drank Hazelnut by Adagio Teas
828 tasting notes

I like this far more than I thought I would. I don’t know what my hang up was… it smells great, and I like hazelnuts. I think I assumed it would need sugar or something. However, it’s good just as it is! It just has a tiny edge that some sugar would knock off if you wanted to avoid it. In fact, for a flavored tea, it’s quite good!

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A friend gave me a cup of this, and I was a bit suspicious at first. I don’t normally like rooibos tea, but this particular type was a winner! It was a bit citrusy, a bit spicy, and a bit floral, but not too much of any of those. I don’t really know what else to say but if you (like me) generally avoid rooibos, this one is worth a try!


I think Mariage Freres makes great rooibos mixes – and rooibos is one of those things where IMO quality really really matters, bad rooibos is pretty bad! But Mariage Freres rooibos are all pretty wonderful.


Thanks for the tip! Now I’m thinking I’m going to have to investigate more of their rooibos mixes!


They make some great rooibos. And just a warning, their vanille borbon rooibos mix is IMO wonderful but the vanilla is very very subtle – I consider it plain rooibos mentally rather than flavoured rooibos. Do give that one a miss unless you like and want an almost plain rooibos. But it is very good quality rooibos


Thanks for the tip!!

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drank a whole pot of it! so good!

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And this is the last cup of this sample.

I’m working on clearing my samples as fast as I can… it’s a major project!!


I’m starting to think I wouldn’t have any tea left if I drank all my samples! : )


haha, I know that feeling!

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I’ve been into tea, at some level, since college with a first tin of loose tea brought back by my parents from Oxford. My love of tea increased with a visit to Boston and a chance cup at Tealuxe. Since then I’ve only gotten more interested in tea and have developed more of an appreciation for it.

tea rating guide
(updated 12/2010)

100: a perfect cuppa. these are the teas I’ll keep in my cupboard and tend to be one per type of tea.

90-99: will definitely get more of this tea

80-89: likely to get more and perhaps it will become a favorite with time

70-79: very good, depending on my mood or the season

60-69: wouldn’t actively try to get this tea, but also wouldn’t avoid it in a tea shop or restaurant

50-59: run-of-the-mill tea for me

40-49: decent, would hit the spot in some moods, but probably wouldn’t purchase it for my cupboard

30-39: okay, will try again, maybe

20-29: meh. I’d try this tea again if no other were available

10-19: drinkable, but a forced cup

0-9: didn’t even finish the cup


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