828 Tasting Notes

drank Jasmine #5 by Adagio Teas
828 tasting notes

I think I had this tea tonight. We went to a friend’s place, and I thought they had a jasmine green tea from Adagio. I’m pretty certain they got it from a grocery store, too. However, when looking at the Adagio site, I can’t find green jasmine. Looking at the pictures here, this is the most likely candidate. Though, I could have sworn it had a green flavor rather than an oolong one.

Anyway, it was a lovely cuppa. And it made me look forward to the jasmine pearls waiting for me back at the office.

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drank Masala Chai by Adagio Teas
828 tasting notes

I had a cup of this earlier today. Or, rather, I had a glass. I made a cup according to the directions, and realized after the fact I had meant to steep it more strongly to add soymilk. I decided to go ahead and add the soymilk, and then ice to cool it down, and at that point it was so bland that it was really chai flavored soymilk. Next time I’ll do it right!

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drank Jasmine #12 by Adagio Teas
828 tasting notes

Jasmine pearls are my favorite type of pearls. I hadn’t had Adagio’s take on them, so I ordered a sample. As always, the sample is generous, and I’ve been resteeping all morning long. Now the leaves are fully unfurled and the tea continues to be tasty! A win!

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Today I picked back up the sample of this I ordered from Samovar, since I’d been having McNulty’s version for a few days. This one is noticeably lighter and sweeter. It’s different enough, though, that I wouldn’t have guessed it was in a similar family.

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I am slowly getting back into tea now that I’m in the office and letting myself have a few cups through the day. I can’t figure out how to drink oolong (with the multiple steeps) at home, so I brought my tiny pot to work and have cups throughout the day.

This is a good one. I’m out of practice, so I don’t have much to say other than it’s very good. It lacks some of the harshness in the first few steeps that some oolongs have, which makes it a winner in my book!

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I ran across this several months ago, and having an interest in British teas (and the cheap price tag) I picked up a box. Just today I finally tried a cup.

As soon as I opened the bag I had second thoughts. It looked worse that the tea in the teabags that I get at many of the local restaurants… the tea was tiny and granular. I wondered for a second if maybe it was instant. Rereading the box I realized it was not, but didn’t see how it would stay in a strainer. I got the finest mesh one in my possession and brewed up a cup to see how it would go.

It brewed very darkly! It looked more like coffee than tea. Typically, when learning about a cup of tea I start with it plain, then add things in to see if creamer or sweetener enhances the flavor. This one I just went straight to the doctoring up phase.

And you know what? It was actually pretty good. It’s not something I’d really look forward to having, but if it were rainy or cold out and I just wanted a basic cuppa, it would hit the spot! So I guess I’ve learned my lesson about preconceived notions…. this one will end up staying in my pantry until I finish it!

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LOL…I picked this up at a little British store too. I don’t think I’ve tried it yet. :)


Sounds a lot like one my middle daughter loves called London Cuppa. We only steep it for two and a half minutes, but it is a good basic tea. We ran out and can’t find it now, so now eldest in Ireland is trying to find some to send me. Maybe this would be a good replacement. I think I saw it at Southern Season, which is BTW having their clearance sale! All teas discounted!

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This is a pretty tea! I steeped the loose leaf version and was surprised to see the flowers open up and drift around as the tea steeped. I didn’t realize that there was green tea, so I steeped a little hotter than I might have otherwise. It’s a floral tea that seems like one that could be universally liked. I think this one, in particular, could make for a lovely afternoon tea get together in a glass pot with non-tea-drinking friends.

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I’ve been into tea, at some level, since college with a first tin of loose tea brought back by my parents from Oxford. My love of tea increased with a visit to Boston and a chance cup at Tealuxe. Since then I’ve only gotten more interested in tea and have developed more of an appreciation for it.

tea rating guide
(updated 12/2010)

100: a perfect cuppa. these are the teas I’ll keep in my cupboard and tend to be one per type of tea.

90-99: will definitely get more of this tea

80-89: likely to get more and perhaps it will become a favorite with time

70-79: very good, depending on my mood or the season

60-69: wouldn’t actively try to get this tea, but also wouldn’t avoid it in a tea shop or restaurant

50-59: run-of-the-mill tea for me

40-49: decent, would hit the spot in some moods, but probably wouldn’t purchase it for my cupboard

30-39: okay, will try again, maybe

20-29: meh. I’d try this tea again if no other were available

10-19: drinkable, but a forced cup

0-9: didn’t even finish the cup


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