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Another sample, and one that I’m very sorry to be done with. Excellent cup of tea. Like Earl Grey, but fruitier. Excellent summer cup.

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A colleague of mine brought in some samples from The Devotea to try out, and this was one of them. It’s a great cup of tea! It’s one of those that holds up sweetened or not, and is good at any time of the workday. I’m sad I ran through so quickly, though I suspect I’ll be placing an order for some soon!

Robert Godden

If you are planning on ordering, there’s a discount available at the moment via this article: http://offbeathome.com/2013/06/loose-leaf-teas

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I had a bunch of this this, and just finished it. So it was was good. I don’t think I’ll replace it, but it’s as much because I prefer a good Assam to a Keemun, and as far as Keemun goes, I do like this one.

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So I did eventually get some of this, and over time I found I liked it less than my initial rating of 80. It’s good, certainly, but compared to some of the other assams I’ve had lately, it’s more in your face and less nuanced. I’m going back with Tiger from Damn Fine Tea.

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I got a box of this for Christmas, and have enjoyed having it for the past few weeks. I’ve mostly added sugar, and others have commented on how nice my office smells when I have a cup. It’s a typical black tea bag with some good spices!


Reminds me a lot of Bigelow’s Eggnogg’n.

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I have to say, I like “monkey” teas, and it’s nice to have a green alternative. All out now… but enjoyed the last cup!

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I finished this tea off yesterday. We’re going to be moving next month, so I’m trying to get through the teas that are nearly done anyway. I had forgotten what a good tea this is. I think of it as one that smells so good there is no way for the taste to even compete, and going into it that way it was a fine cup of team. I also used more leaves than normal, and steeped for less time. It was more flavorful without being overly so. Great final cup!

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This is a good cup of tea!! I wish I were drinking it a few years back, when I really could tell a lot about teas just from sipping. It’s not clear to me all that’s blended in it, but it’s good!

There’s definitely a bit of assam. And I love that particular flavor. This cup stands up as a strong tea. I highly recommend it.


What??? Is this new?


I think it is. I only saw it because of an email that came through a week ago or so, and was surprised that it didn’t show up here with any ratings!


yes it is. I’ve got some on the way… probably will be here tomorrow! Yipee!


Looking forward to your review!

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I’m going to hold off on rating this for now. It seems a bit less flavorful than some teas, but it could be that I should just use more tea and less water. The green comes out as a bit of a grassy one, and the flavors are there more in scent than flavor.

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drank Autumn Leaves by Argo Tea
828 tasting notes

I had a cup of this at an Argo in Chicago. However, I can’t find any record of it on their website! As best I can remember, it was an herbal cup with fruit pieces (apple, specifically, but I forget what else). It was less spicy than I had guessed, and I think more hibiscusy, but I’m having a hard time even recalling the cup since yesterday. I think it’s because it was such an herbal tea that I just put it in that category in my head and can’t recall specifics. So obviously: not a stand out tea.

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I’ve been into tea, at some level, since college with a first tin of loose tea brought back by my parents from Oxford. My love of tea increased with a visit to Boston and a chance cup at Tealuxe. Since then I’ve only gotten more interested in tea and have developed more of an appreciation for it.

tea rating guide
(updated 12/2010)

100: a perfect cuppa. these are the teas I’ll keep in my cupboard and tend to be one per type of tea.

90-99: will definitely get more of this tea

80-89: likely to get more and perhaps it will become a favorite with time

70-79: very good, depending on my mood or the season

60-69: wouldn’t actively try to get this tea, but also wouldn’t avoid it in a tea shop or restaurant

50-59: run-of-the-mill tea for me

40-49: decent, would hit the spot in some moods, but probably wouldn’t purchase it for my cupboard

30-39: okay, will try again, maybe

20-29: meh. I’d try this tea again if no other were available

10-19: drinkable, but a forced cup

0-9: didn’t even finish the cup


Seattle, WA



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