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A friend told me this was her favourite tea, and she was curious what I’d think of it, so I promised her I’d try it. She warned me it is a love/hate thing, so I went in forewarned.

Dry, omg I love the smell of this. Campfires and woodsmoke and I just want to sit and smell it and remember my summers spent camping with a fire every night. I was very excited to try this after smelling that!

I set this to brew on the counter and went back to my computer where I was chatting with friends. Soon I started smelling . . . beef jerky? Clearly my apartment was getting scents from another apartment down the hall, so I didn’t think anything more until my timer went.

But nope, it was the tea that smelled of jerky. I brought the cup over to the computer, and the smell started doing funny things to my stomach. Determined, took a sip, and tasted jerky. Curious, I plugged my nose and tried again, and there, finally was the taste of the tea. I enjoyed it, but two sips and my stomach was saying I couldn’t keep the cup next to me.

So sorry Lapsang Souchong Star . . . my stomach apparently doesn’t like aromatic beef jerky tea.

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An avid tea addict in the GTA, Ontario, Canada. I’m always looking for new teas and new tea addicted friends!

My preference is loose leaf of all varieties, however the occasional bagged tea can come along and charm me. Flavoured or straight, there is a good chance that I will be falling in love.


My ratings system is based on the smiley faces above the ratings scale.

0-10 — This tea didn’t get past the initial sip process. I just couldn’t bring myself to drink more, I found it so horrible.

11-50 — It made it past first sips, but as I drank a bit more I realized I really wasn’t enjoying the tea, and would never drink it again.

51-60 — I probably made it through the cup, but won’t be trying another one.

61-69 — Either it’s a mystery tea and I can’t decide if I like it or not, or it is one that I felt was purely adequate.

70-85 — These are the teas that I appreciate and/or like. If they are falling in this area they are ones that I would definitely re-buy, however are not ones that I must always have on hand. The good, but not the amazing.

86-94 — These are the favourites. My cupboard feels empty if they aren’t inside.

95-100 — Tea perfection!


GTA, Ontario, Canada

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