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Ah once trahd this tea on a plane trip to Boston. Ah used bawlin’ water an’ just let it sit in mah travel jar. It got too bittah for meh. So terday, Ah be trahin’ it again. Terday, Ah be usin’ bawlin’ water again, but Ah be controlin’ dat durr dose and steep tahm.

Dose – 1tbsp/6fl/oz
Steepin Tahm – 1st, Ah give dem leaves a quick rinse so Ah cud let dem open up. After dat, Ah give a 20sec steep tahm. After dat, Ah pour out the brew after 5 seconds or less, and Ah gradually add tahm after each steep as needed.

1st brew — milky taste, heavy body, notes of cinnamon cuz ah accidently stored it for a few months in a cinnamon bark container. Surprisingly delicious.
Ope, Ah ran outta tahm, Ah’ll get to tasting notes for doze udder steepin’s latah.

Happy tea drinkin’ ter y’all!

Le Teavangelist (et oui, je parle un peu de francais)


Ku Cha is a nice Chinese Tea House, good service and some decent tea. I took some of my favorite tea’s there during the Rocky Mountain Tea Festival and shared with the tea shop staff. We had a great time tasting together…and I could see how much they loved tea also. (Opposite experience the three times I went to the Dushanbe!)

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Ah just drank de 2013 version of dis hurr tea, and it was delightful! Notes o’ roasted chessnuts and kane suga’. Very sweet finish, and ah got lahk 4 steepins outta it. Hardly got bitter wid a temperture of ’bout 190F. Dis be some good ol tea from Zhejiang China!

185 °F / 85 °C 8 min or more

Why the fake accent here in Colorado? Some people might find it off-putting. Anyway…I’m here and know fake accents written down (should say dialects) take effort. Kudos for effort.
Having African-Americans in my family, your dialect mirrors some old ad’s from early last century that have such dialect for Snow Drift flour…biscuits made by the maid, and Uncle Ben’s rice.
Not to my liking if you intend to make fun.

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Howdy y’all

Ah hurr be yer closest thang to a “Teavangelist.” Don’t get me wrong. Ah ain’t one o’ those evangelicals who be thumpin’ Bahbles in yo’ faces. Fo’ me, it be all ’bout that tea.

Problems with green tea? Don’ lahk dat bitter taste? Better control dat temperture. Use a stainless steel pan and wait for those “shrimp eyes” to start blinkin’ atcha from the bottom o’ dat pan. At a higher elevation lahk me, wait for da shrimp eyes to turn into “crab eyes” and it will be a good temperture for ya. If it be a good green tea den it best not be gettin bitter on ya. Udderwahs, you best be asking fo yo money back!

Any other questions, e-mail me at [email protected]!



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