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This has officially supplanted Read My Lips as my teagasm of choice.

katgolik bought a small 14g sample of this, didn’t much care for it, and traded me for it.

My first smell was absolute heaven, my first taste was better than (I’d like to say my first kiss, but honestly I’ve managed to forget it…) … so better than anything I can ever remember trying for the first time.

This tea blows my head off, leaves my socks in a crumpled heap on the floor, and lifts my poor depressed ass for take off. I spin around merrily after drinking this, the lovely taste of the finest raspberry sponge cake in my mouth, and the magical smell of warmchocolatesundrenched raspberries floating in the air.

The first night I tried this, I dreamt about it all night long, and promptly ordered 100g on the website.

Oh, Chocolate Rocket, my love, my darling – there is no finer tea than you.

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I was actually pretty excited about this tea. My bff, katgolik, bought 50g on our last order because it was a citrussy fruit tea – which she adores; then wound up pretty much hating it. I tried Bear Trap, which makes me die a little with it’s sheer amazingness, so I traded her for PF, thinking I’d love it after my BT experience. Hmph. Not so much. Again, I might have used too much, or steeped too long (2 heaping DT perfect spoons/7m), but the hibiscus overwhelmed… I like some hibiscus, but this seemed all hibiscus. Unlike BT, where I can taste absolutely every flavour in different mouthfuls, I only tasted the one flavour in this tea – hibiscus! I was soooooo excited about the grapefruit – and the shiny pink lemonade color in the first few minutes of the steep – but unfortunately I got nothing but dark red overpowering deep flower hibiscus :-( I will try again as I have 50 g of it – iced, less time, less tea… I so hope I can find a way to love this!

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drank Bravissimo by DAVIDsTEA
7 tasting notes

Blaugh. I SO wanted to love this tea. Maybe I used too much, or steeped it too long (1 heaping DT perfect spoon, 7 m), but I yuckyshudder hate it :-(

The licorice taste completely overwhelms every mouthful, and stays on my tongue long after the tea is finished – the chamomile is hidden a bit… pokes out now and again, but then there’s that curlmytoesin sharp heavy licorice taste again.

(sigh) I was hoping to relax a little before bed with this one, but all I have is an unhappy tongue, and a screwed up face.

I guess I can’t love everything…

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Mmmmmm. Not an everyday tea for me, but a tea perfect for chilly Monday afternoons when the weekend feels ever so far away. When brewed just right, with enough tea, this tea turns a lovely buttery rum color and smells delicious. I can taste butter and rum and coconut; and tend to purr the whole time I’m drinking it.

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drank Goji Pop by DAVIDsTEA
7 tasting notes

My bff introduced me to this tea, and boy am I ever glad she did. This is the perfect think-of-a-warm-summer-perfect-breeze-day tea. Sparkly and sweet in all the right ways, this tea brings a smile to my lips and literally puts a little song in my heart. And it helps me avoid some sweets sometimes… I’ll always have Goji Pop in my cupboard along with Read My Lips – they complement one another in an odd way, and life wouldn’t be complete if they were missing. I think I’ll only buy DAVIDsTea from now on…

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I really love this tea. It’s quite unusual, and I’d say a bit of an acquired taste. As a coffee drinker, I like having this as a slightly less-than another cup of coffee option. While it is caffienated, it doesn’t generate the same buzz as another coffee would. I find I have to be careful with the amount of tea, and the time I steep – it’s easy to go to far with this tea – it can get uglybitter. But there’s a lovely richness to it that can warm up a cold work morning quite nicely.

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drank Read My Lips by DAVIDsTEA
7 tasting notes

Dear Sweet Jesus this tea is amazing. No sweetener of any kind needed – no dessert required. Just some peace, a good book and this tea and life is complete.



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