First infusion 4min @ boiling: Smells really unique – almost like musty asparagus. (Not that asparagus can really get musty, but you know, I’d imagine this is what it would smell like if it did.) Color is a really fun golden purple; as if someone mixed apple juice with watered-down grape juice. Tastes… burnt? Maybe ‘roasty’ is a better word. It’s possible that I under-leafed, as I’m getting only a mild taste. I’m not noticing any astringency while it’s piping hot. Wait… now that’s it’s cooled off, it is getting a little astringent.

Second infusion 5min @ 180: Probably would have made more sense to do the lower temp first, but was early in the morning, and logic escaped me. Color is lighter, like a muddy gold. I guess it could be perceived as having a lavender tint, but honestly I wonder if that’s just because I’m looking really hard for something “purple.” The smell is faintly sweet, rather than asparagus-y. I think I like this cup better than the first. It’s a subtle flavor – tastes like a green and black tea blend. I used less water this time around, but it’s still pretty weak (due in part to boiling first, I’m sure) so I don’t think I’ll bother with a third steep.

Overall, this is a very drinkable tea. I’m glad I got the chance to sample it!

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A tea fanatic who works in the tech sector, I purchase most of my tea online. The numerical ratings are to help me remember which teas I should re-order. 85+ means it’s worth a re-purchase. (If I ever get through all of the new ones I want to try!)

It’s pretty obvious from my tealog, but I have special place in my heart for flavored blacks and good rooibos. I also love oolongs, but apparently have expensive taste in that area, so I don’t purchase them too often. Learning to appreciate green tea, but not a fan of overly vegetal ones. Whites make a great iced tea.

I love to try new teas and will sample most anything once. Although I’ll usually pass on Earl Grey or super floral blends.

I drink my tea with no additions, unless otherwise noted in the review.


Rhode Island

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