Okay, so this was the sample that came with my last Teavana order, so here goes.

The dry tea is full of, and I mean FULL OF fruit bits and sugar crystals. There is, like, a pitiful amount of tea leaves, so ignore the “White/Herbal” label. However, despite my disappointment in the lack of tea leaves, the dry mixture smells really nice. Very citrusy and sweet, in a desserty way.
The brew for some bizarre reason is red, probably because of the berries or something. It still smells citrusy, but its toned downed and a bit more..substantial.
It tastes like warm fruit juice, which sounds icky but actually isn’t all that bad. The fruity notes are very prominent, but not overwhelmingly/disgustingly sweet even though it had sugar added (or that may be because of my sweet tooth, or the fact that I may not have scooped as much sugar than I thought).

I’m not sure how this is going to taste without the sugar, though.
Maybe if I resteep it, it will taste more like the sugarless version since there are no crystals now? Hmmmmm…

Not something I would buy, as I usually hate fruity/flowery teas, but a pleasant surprise nonetheless. Still not something I’d pay to have though, but free….

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Taiwanese :) we have awesome bubble/bobba tea:)
Prefers unflavored, more “traditional” teas (plain oolong, black, green, etc.), but trying to expand into the flavored categories :)

90-100: THIS. IS. HEAVEN
80-90: I can drink this everyday, it’s THAT good
70-80: Quite impressed
60-70: Eh, it’s alright
50-60: Meh…
below 50: Not my cup of tea

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Enjoys reading, drawing, and Chinese calligraphy.
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