3 Tasting Notes

drank Tropicalia by DAVIDsTEA
3 tasting notes

I didn`t think I would like this one, because I`m not big on herbal teas, but it`s actually a really delicious tea that is perfect for the summer (or in the winter when you`re missing summer).

Dry this tea is adorable… The little pink sugar hearts are so cute. And it smells like candied pineapple and coconut and vanilla frosting; very sweet and fruity.

The steeped tea smells almost like cider (maybe that`s the apple in it) with pineapple. The predominant taste is pineapple, then apple and a little bit of coconut. It also has a sweet vanilla taste. I really like this tea, drinking it is an (decaffeinated) pick me up, because it tastes like warm sunshine :)

I guess there are really three ways to drink this tea;

1. Traditionally steeped and served clear (as a pineapple, cocnout and vanilla cider)
2. Served with milk or cream to make it taste like a pina colada
3. Iced as a yummy iced tea

Or I guess 4… with rum. This is how the server suggested I drink it lol. But I feel that tea is generally too weak to be mixed with hard liquor.

Anyways this gives you a warm, happy feeling and is really tasty either way you decide to prepare it; very versatile!

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drank Jesse's Tea by DAVIDsTEA
3 tasting notes

I thought this tea would be a nice relaxing tea to help me unwind before bed. I`m not a huge fan of this tea, but it is nice I suppose when you`re in the mood for it.

So it is a lavender tea… meaning it`s a very floral tea. I`ve never eaten or drank lavender before this experience, and it does taste the way it smells. For some people that`s a good thing, for others it`s not.

The first time I had this tea I liked it. I added half a teaspoon of the sugar and I thought it was nice. Dry it smells like lavender and a hint of coconut. And the steeped tea tastes like coconut and lavender. It`s more lavendery on the surface with a coconut base…can`t really taste the rooibos or the other flavors. Also I think the artificial flavoring they used may have been lavender oil or something. Because the lavender does have an artificial taste to it. Natural lavender doesn`t smell so astringent.

The second cup I had of this a few days later kind of tasted like I was drinking diluted perfume and I couldn`t finish the cup.. I did oversteep it that time though. So my advice would be to follow the steeping directions erring on the lower steep time.

Also I`ve got to say the vanilla agave nectar goes really with this one and helps sweeten and smoothe over the sometimes harsh lavender taste.

I also should add that a good friend of mine, who loves chamomile teas really liked this one, so I gave him the rest of mine!

Overall, as most of you know, lavender is often used as aromatherapy to have a soothing and calming effect. If you like highly scented floral teas this would be a good one to de-stress, self-soothe or unwind after a busy day!

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This is definitely my most favorite tea! If you are a coconut lover and looking for a black tea to give you both energy and to give you that general feeling of warmth and happiness then you should try this one! I drink this most mornings and this is a good every day tea for me. Dry it smells amazing, I always end up breathing this one in for a bit before I actually drink it. The steeped tea smells delicious but it’s more muted than the dry smell. It’s kind of a dark and heavy full-bodied black tea, with predominantly coconut flavors with a raspberry aftertaste. I agree with the other teas that this one is easy to oversteep. It says to steep it for 4-5 minutes I think… and I think this one would taste the best more around the 3.5 minute range. I usually end up oversteeping everything and this one when oversteeped and black can have a slight astringent taste to it. I find when I use Dvaid’s Tea vanilla agave nectar it counteracts this and sweetens it up. I usually add about a teaspoon of the vanilla nectar to this tea and it goes together perfectly. It’s also good with a splash of milk, but I find this tea doesn’t need milk to make it taste good. And this morning I sadly discovered that I only had about a teaspoon left of this (seems someone’s been raiding my stash) soo I added half a teaspoon of David’s Chocolate Cake (which is also a black) and it actually went together really nicely. Like a chocolate raspberry and coconut truffle. Hope this was helpful! Happy Canada Day :)
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Yum. That sounds good. I might have to try that combination.

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My name is Jennie and I`m an RN. I love tea, especially desert teas, and my dog Aeriel!



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