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Between my fiance and I… we bought a lot of tea last week at Quintin’s. He chose this one, and I’m glad he did.

I’ve never had a “milk oolong” until this one. If this is any indication of what they taste like, then I might actually like them better than I generally like oolongs. It definitely had a creamy buttery quality. I don’t know that I would call it milky or even think of milk at all if it wasn’t already implied, though. It was a nice cup of tea for the morning, but nothing I would reach for with any regularity.

Also, when it started to cool down, it got decidedly more buttery. The last sip I took was cold and it tasted like someone dropped a stick of butter in my cup when I wasn’t looking!

Flavors: Butter

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I love milk oolongs. It’s probably my favorite kind of tea. Some have flavor added and some don’t; I prefer the ones that don’t. To me, it’s more about the texture and mouth feel. They’re really creamy feeling, like drinking milk, at least to start out. Then they go buttery which is amazing, too. <3

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The more I drink this one the more I taste. Sitting her enjoying this cup I really feel like i should be enjoying sushi with it. In my head I totally am. The seaweed taste is quite strong and the roasted flavor of the toasted rice mixes well. I start to get the sensation of eating sushi rolls. There is no fishy taste, but I think I keep imagining it. When I’ve finished the cup I definitely have the aftertaste of a nice fresh sushi roll in my mouth. It’s really very strange.

Flavors: Seaweed

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This is another tea that I picked up on vacation at Quintin’s Tea Emporium in Virginia Beach. It smelled so lovely in the jar that I had to take it home with me. And I am always looking for new and interesting herbals for my cupboard.

I don’t find this one to be artificially lemon as the other reviewer suggests. It isn’t a bright citrusy lemon, but it’s not cloying or sweet and it doesn’t remind me of household cleaners at all. I think the mint does a good job of balancing out the lemon and both hid the fact that this is a red rooibos which is great since I almost passed on this one because I typically don’t like red rooibos teas.

Definitely one I will be happy to enjoy, though not something I plan to keep stocked.

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I picked this one up at Quintin’s Tea Emporium in Virginia Beach on vacation this past week. I am sure that it is actually a different tea company, but I forgot to take a picture of the label they had on the jar in the store and it does not appear to be on their website at this time. So I apologize for the lack of info for this team.

This smells deliciously like strawberry gummy bears or other strawberry candies. I don’t detect any creme at all in it. It’s a nice pleasant tea with a very fruity flavor, though you get a little of the green tea base in each sips as well. I think this one would turn out marvelously as an iced tea.

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drank Cool Cucumber by DAVIDsTEA
127 tasting notes

I was very surprised about how much I liked this tea. The smell of the dry leaf was very off putting to me and I wasn’t sure if I was even going to try it, but last night I got adventurous and decided to give it a shot.

The mint shines through a lot more than I expected. I can definitely taste and still smell the cucumber, but its not the most dominate flavor for me, the mint is. My fiancé kept telling me to get away from him with my toothpaste tea. haha.

It was a very pleasant cup and I will probably give it a try cold brewed too, because that seems like something that might work for this one.

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Definitely got more flavor on this one today than I did the first time. It was an extremely pleasant cup of tea and one I will probably resteep here in a minute.

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drank Forever Nuts by DAVIDsTEA
127 tasting notes

I had this this morning because I really wanted it on Sunday but had left the package at work, so I had to wait. It was delicious just like before, and everyone who came in my office said either “what is that amazing smell?” or “something smells like cinnamon rolls.” Pretty accurate!

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drank Pu-erh Vanilla Mint by Zen Tea
127 tasting notes

This is definitely a comforting tea. This was on my short list of ones to try this week from the box MissB sent to me. It was perfect for a Monday morning. The mint was very subtle and I tasted more cinnamon than anything. As the tea cooled I definitely got a taste of the vanilla and the mint became more pronounced.

It’s supposed to rain a fair bit this week, so this will definitely get revisited again later in the week to finish off my sample.

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drank Hello Sweetie by Butiki Teas
127 tasting notes

I wasn’t sure what I was going to think about this is. I’m not the biggest fan of coconut flavors. I am happy to say I now understand why so many people LOVE this tea. It’s delicious. It was the perfect morning treat before my run. It tasted a bit like an almond joy or mounds. I can definitely see myself ordering this on my next Butiki order!

Boiling 3 min, 15 sec

Wow, I read that as, “It was the perfect morning treat before my RUM

I did a double-take on that one!


How is the banana flavor in this one? I really like actual bananas but I can’t stand fake banana flavor (like any banana candy). I’ve been curious about this one but hesitant because of the banana component.


Sarsonator, hahahaha… well now that would be awkward!

mj, I actually didn’t notice the banana at all, but there weren’t any banana pieces in the sample I had, so that might changed the flavor. The Foxy Roxy Banana Walnut one has pieces of banana in it and that one is very authentic banana, but I don’t know about this one.


mj there’s a one cup sample in the box I’m sending :)


You rock, Virginia!

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Cheri was lovely enough to send me a bit of this to try.

The dry leaf smelled wonderful! fruity and delicious. The steeped tea is a little more vegetal than I like my teas, so I don’t see myself buying this one any time soon, but it was a very nice cup.

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The first time I tried loose leaf tea at home, I was hooked. I’ve been drinking tea for years now, though I still feel like such a newbie in the world of teas. There are so many things I’ve never tried from so many new to me companies!

I used to be very much a black tea drinker, but have started, in the last year, to realize that I prefer the lightness of greens and whites much more.

That said, I will basically try any tea once (probably twice, just in case)!

My review categories:
100-94: I never want to run out of these!
93-80: Restock please!
79-60: Definitely like, but not a must have
59-50: Not lovin’ it, but I’d drink it again
49 & below: nope, Nope, NOPE.

Most Wanted Teas:
DAVIDsTEA – Pistachio Cream

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