After already trying several other rooibos and really only caring for the chai one, I was skeptical about trying this one. But I needed a no-caff tea for the evening, and didn’t want to use up the last bit of my sample of rooibos chai from Upton. So out came this very generous sample. This tea smells absolutely gorgeous(can a smell be gorgeous?)! It is a strong citrus, but not the candy kind, more of the peel- that nice bitter acidic smell. I cannot smell any rooibos in this one at all at first. Steeping, I start to smell the rooibos, and now I’m a little worried that it won’t taste as great as it smells, but I leave it for the time prescribed(7 minutes) and return when the timer goes off. The first sip is definitely rooibos-like, but the more I drink, the less rooibos I get, and the more citrus there is. It’s wonderful. I put in a couple of sugar cubes to see if I could brighten it up a little, and it works wonders. I really like this one! This one could be a candidate in my night-time line up for sure. It’s definitely helping with this sore/scratchy throat- lemon is one of my go-to flavors when I’m sick, and they aren’t joking about the high lemon content in this one. It’s very nice. No sourness that I can find(before the sugar of course, and certainly none after). It’s overall a pretty good cup! And it’s a rooibos, which is a bonus for me! This one is going on the Chado shopping list too, it looks like!

Boiling 7 min, 15 sec

This sounds delicious! I’m going to have to get my hands on some soon :)

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This sounds delicious! I’m going to have to get my hands on some soon :)

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I’m at-home mother of 4, married 10 years. Tea, like knitting, is therapy for me. It’s a short reprieve from things that frustrate me. And it’s much cheaper than actual therapy. I was raised by my grandparents, both of whom enjoyed a good cup of tea, and they were already set in their ways by the time I came along. They had their tea all picked out, and we drank the same thing pretty much all the time. I just recently started branching out after discovering some new teas in a Round Robin I participated in on Ravelry(my other safe haven where my knitting progress lives), and I’ve been experimenting ever since. I recently tried my first loose leaf, Twinings Irish Breakfast, and I’ve also been getting some samples from Chado Teas. Every time I get a box or packet in the mail it’s like Christmas!

Aside from tea, my life consists of normal mommy-type stuff, of course, and I have 2 girls ages 7 and 9, and two boys ages 3 and 5. But I also enjoy photography, knitting, reading, writing, making collages, and tending to the farm. Did I mention I have 2 horses, goats, chickens, a pig, ducks, working dogs, and a couple of cats? We LOVE animals around here. I also love Dr. Who, many British comedies such as Are You Being Served?, and sarcasm. I suffer from depression and anxiety, hence the need for things to keep my hands busy and my mind on task, and I also have a sensory disorder, which includes a strong aversion to jeans and jean-like materials.

My favorite teas so far:

-Heredia Lemon Verbena
-Chai anything(except Stash, which is, for some reason, quite bland to me)
-Twinings Irish Breakfast
-Twinings Pure Mint
-Numi Aged Earl Grey
-Twinings New Zealand Breakfast
-Twinings Lady Grey

I will add more as I come across them, and some of these will probably fall off the list in favor of others I may prefer.


Northeast Georgia

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