Dry leaves smell of fall leaves and leather. Wet leaves smell of wet moss and autumn leaves after a rain. The aroma of the leaves take on a sweet tobacco note after the rest. Very pleasant.

Steep/Time: Notes
1/10s: Sweet and mellow with a smooth mouth feel. This is the first aged sheng that has given be an idea of what shou pu’erh makers were looking to simulate in taste.
2/10s: Still sweet and mellow with a noticeable note of moss or forest floor leaves. Has an interesting mouth feel reminicent of breathing in through your mouth after eating something minty or camphorus. Mind, there is no camphorus note in the taste, just a similar after effect. Going to push the next steep a bit because so mellow.
3/30s: Not a hint of bitterness, but now getting a more crisp finish with the hint of astringency that shows up. Still sweet with a light mouth feel while in the mouth.
4/30s: A nice woody, moss note. This one is very reminicent of shou pu’erh.
5/45s: Woody and smooth. Good cup.
6/60s: Not a lot of complexity, but quite a good tea. Not sure I’d pay YQH prices for it, but it’s one I wouldn’t turn down if offered.
7/90s: Same as 5 & 6. Maybe a bit of sweetness developing. I like that this tea has a sort of shou taste with a sheng finish.
8/120s: Same previous though a light brown sugar like note is more noticable.
9/????: Accidentally steeped it for 10 – 15 mins or more. Got the quirky camphorous effect again. It’s a pleasant feeling, but odd and unexpected.
10/300s: Not a complext tea per se, but it’s consistent.

I think next time I will try adding more leave to my pot. Maybe 6g. It’s a tasty little tea, but knowing YQH prices I probably wouldn’t buy a full cake of this one. We’ll see if my take on this one holds true after the next sessions. All in all this was a very pleasant tea session though no cha qi (which I typically love) was present.

Flavors: Peat Moss, Wet Wood

205 °F / 96 °C 0 min, 15 sec 4 g 7 OZ / 200 ML

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Mostly for my own reference (My teapot details):
Pot: Blue Peony
Mat: Porcelain
Tea: White/Green
Vol: 250cc

Pot: Zhulang (By Liang Shoukun)
Mat: Yixing – Di Cao Quig
Tea: Black
Vol: 270cc

Pot: GuanYin Relief
Mat: Yixing – Golden Duan ni
Tea: Shou Pu’erh
Vol: 290cc

Pot: Purchased in Korea
Mat: Zisha ShuiNi (Zhuni)
Tea: Sheng Pu’erh
Vol: 200cc

Pot: Decal Xishi (By Sun Haiyan 孙海燕)
Mat: Yixing – Hei Liao
Tea: Oolong
Vol: 250cc

Pot: Cranes Ascend to Heaven
Mat: Pure Silver 999
Tea: ?
Vol: 220cc

Pot: Hario Chacha Kyusu Maru
Mat: Glass
Tea: Flavored/Tisanes/Other
Vol: 300cc

Pot: Kingso
Mat: High borosilicate glass
Tea: (needs repair)
Vol: 250cc


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