262 Tasting Notes


This is sad. I was so looking forwards to this tea and had high hopes for it. But it’s giving me nothing.
Dry: Smells of caramel honey. Long luxe leaves. I like.
Liquor: After a rinse and three steeps.. I’m really not getting very much. I am being a stickler for temperature and amount of leaf, but I am still getting hardly anything. For my fourth steep, I cut my water in half (from 6oz to 3oz for 2 generous tsp of leaf) and upped the steep time to about 2 minutes to get Something.. Anything..
Nothing. My last few sips had some carmel to them, but generally nothing stands out to me. Perhaps my tongue is too untrained? Or perhaps it’s the tea (I have never encountered this before to be honest… sad.) I have enough of the sample left to attempt this again..Hopefully that round will give me something. Maybe I will go back to steeping my old toucha leaves. Thank you so much Tony for this sample from Chicago Tea Garden! I am glad I got to try it (my first Dancong and hopefully not last!)

Edit: Okay – fifth steep is the absolute best so far. I can taste creamy honey and a drying in the back of the throat that I get with honey. A touch of mayyyyybe dried apricots if I stretch it.

205 °F / 96 °C

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I’ve fallen in love with this tea. It does such wonderful things in my mouth I can’t help but love it.
Dry: Smells malty to me with dark dark chocolate coco notes. Nice twisted leaves.
Liquor 30s: Nice amber color which tastes like umami and salty flavours (salty like a calmed down soy sauce..). Very nice on the tongue. To be honest – I don’t get carmel or sweet type flavours at all. All of them are malty umami soy sauce. I am extremely happy those are the flavours I get as they are ridiculously good in such a surprising way (hence why I have been drinking this often).
45s: I think I get a lot of these umami and salty flavours when its hot. That is when they are most prominent to me. This is definitely more smooth in the initial taste.. then unfolds into a sparkly malty deliciousness. I still sense the same flavours from the first steep, but this time they have changed slightly. Some sips I even encounter a surprising smooth creaminess. Fantastic tea.

I will write more steeps another day. Today I must conquer genetics. Hmph.

190 °F / 87 °C

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I was so very very excited to see this wonderful package arrive all thanks to Tony from Chicago Tea Garden. I am so thankful I got to try a very generous selection of their teas. Now that I have some time, I can really get into these teas and see what they have to offer. So far – impressed. Very impressed.
Dry: cute little pu-erh touchas that have a mild smell. Earthy and starchy.
Liquor: 30s Light yellow liquor that smells like buttery rice. It also tastes like buttery rice. Sticky buttery rice. Ooooh yUm!
35s: A darker yellow/toasted color. More intense in the buttery goodness – more of flavour than of feeling. Very very good. I like it. Thick and toasty almost. Buttery roasty toasty.
48s: Sweeter buttery rice. As though a rice wine vinegar and sugar mixture was added, but without the acidity. mmm goodness.
1min: Delicious. Much the same as 3rd steep.
1.15min: Whoa mouth butter. This covers my tongue in that butter sensation.. like a melting pat of butter on my tongue. Slow and warm creep with a touch of a salty sensation (like a tingle almost.. your taste buddies get excited and I picture them dancing for joy – creating the slight tingle/bright sparkle feeling). I think this may be my favourite so far. But that is hard to say as all the steeps were soo very delicious. I do think I will be able to get at least another 4 steeps out of this with strong flavour as it appears the pu-erh was just changing it up a bit for the fourth steep
In the end – absolutely wonderful comfort tea. I am drinking this on a hot sunny day today. Is that crazy? No.. it’s absolutely suiting in an odd way. Personally – I will drink this tea whenever I crave buttery sticky rice…. surprisingly often to be honest. Thank you again Tony for your generosity. I am so happy I got to try this!


This one has been calling my name for quite a while now. Should just order a sample already! It sounds awesome.


You really really should. I find it such a comfort…. whoa maybe right now would be the perfect time to drink it. I have a wicked cold and just had a death in the family… Goodbye oolong hello sticky rice tuocha!


I’m so sorry about your loss Lynne-tea. Feel better soon


I’m incredibly sorry for your loss too. :(


Thank you both.. The tea helps heal in all ways =) Soon I will be as good as new I am sure.

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drank Raspberry Oolong by A C Perch's
262 tasting notes

Yay!! Raspberry Oolong!
After a beautifully sunny and warm bike ride (finally!) – I arrived to find a white parcel sticking out of my mailbox. NO way! No Way No Way! Angrbodas wonderful parcel! Which meant that A. C. Perch samples were just waiting for me to drink them. So, me and my massive smile made a wonderful cup of this legendary oolong (with filtered water! Finally!)
Dry:…It is beautiful. Smaller green and larger, twisted black pieces of leaves with raspberry chunks. Oh jeez this is the bees knees. The smell brings me back to ANY raspberry bush I have had an intimate encounter with (by intimate I mean scouring a bunch of bushes for 2 or more hours in order to eat any raspberries in sight).
Liquor: The smell is not super raspberry on the nose, but more of a linger in the background. The forefront smell is a combination of roasted and green oolong. The taste – delightful. It is a very well balanced cup. I can clearly taste a light raspberry.. which reminds me of raspberry iced tea. But not fake flavouring. The roasted note is mild but definitely present… and I feel like the last bit of a sip has a more green buttery/baked goodness to it.
Wow. Well rounded delicious tea. I am on my second steep and this time around I did a longer steep (1.5 min vs. 5 min)… This is different for me as usually I steep oolongs for shorter periods of time at lower water temperatures but this definitely needs a longer steeping time and high temp to bring out the raspberry. Ooh jeez my cup keeps draining so fast. I swear there is a small leak at the bottom of my mug and sneaky sugar ants are drinking it all up. Or it’s me… but that means I will have to order some more of this tea. hmph.

Thank you SO Much Angrboda! A great tea that is very much appreciated!


Heehee! I knew it! There’s a reason this is one of my absolute favourite teas to share, you know. :D


This sounds great!


Haha, agreed. Going onto my shopping list, but if A C Perch is an overseas company, I doubt I’ll ever end up trying it. Sad sad!


It’s Awesome. =D Very good tea and I am so happy I got a chance to try it. I may sometime talk myself into buying some… sigh Thank you again Angrboda!… and Krystaleyn – if/when I end up getting the tea I can definitely send you a sample to try.


Oooooooh I will try to keep an eye out to see if you pick some up! Alternately I may beg and plead with Angrboda one of these days :D Good flavoured oolongs are severely lacking in my cupboard.


Krystaleyn, I can totally spare you a sample. Shoot me a message. :)

Lynne-tea, unless you want to buy enough things from them to get to their 500g limit on abroad packages anyway, hold on until august, because then I can definitely forward an order for you. It would be much cheaper for you, since I can send a smaller package than they can and therefore also a cheaper one. There are several other Steepserites who might be interested in it as well, so I’ve been entertaining thoughts of some sort of bulk buying mission. I haven’t quite got the exact details and economy of it worked out yet, though, and I need to wait until after the wedding for a project of this sort anyway.


Angrboda – I would absolutely love that! If you need me to do anything let me know. I think a bulk buying mission would be perfect and I am sure there are many people here would would like to get some of this lovely tea. That is a great idea to wait after the wedding.. I couldn’t imagine how intense planning/having a wedding would be. Have fun with it! =)


We’re nearly done with the planning and organising. We just need to get the last things for our respective outfits and I need to make some hair appointments. I haven’t seen the inside of a hairdresser’s salon in YEARS so that’s going to be interesting. At this point I just find myself needing a bit of normalcy and quiet before the storm so I’m postponing any projects to afterwards. :)

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How delicious!
I wanted something chocolate and flavourful. My water was around 85C so I thought I might as well go for this one as it is chocolatey and has a complex and delightful aftertaste to accompany the chocolate.
I have just finished up three steeps with this tea. All delicious. Halfway through my first cup I added a little brown sugar. It was wonderful and I feel it woke the cup up a bit as the smells were so strong, but the flavour was subtle and needed coaxing. I rarely rarely rarely add anything to my tea anymore, but this just fit tonight.
Chocolate, berry taste (black? blue?) with a cinnamon spice trailing behind. I like I like!

185 °F / 85 °C 4 min, 15 sec

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drank Vanilla Oolong by DAVIDsTEA
262 tasting notes

The dry leaf smells deliciously of vanilla and flowery cream. Nice long twists of oolong leaf amongst pretty yellow lemon myrtle and marigold pieces.
The liquor is a nice pale greenish yellow that smells delicious. Vanilla cake… or pudding… hmm. Definite creaminess to the oolong with a light vanilla taste. I’m definitely getting vanilla pudding. I wish it had real vanilla bean pieces in it to bump up the vanilla flavour. Its delicious and delicate though…. but I still wish it was a little stronger with the vanilla flavour. It’s still very pleasant.

200 °F / 93 °C 5 min, 0 sec

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drank Southern Belle by DAVIDsTEA
262 tasting notes

I needed a comfort tea so I decided creamy peach would be perfect.
Liquor: I think my palate has been tuned to natural teas a lot more lately so I can definitely taste a bit of an artificial flavour now, but I don’t mind it. It really is not blowing my socks off like it originally did… Perhaps it was due to my absentmindedness and failure to closely watch steep times. It’s nice though – peachy cream. I can taste a semi-decent black base that is slightly smokey/malty. Nice. Okay it’s growing on me again. To be honest – I like this more than Long Life Oolong. A lot more… Especially the aftertaste. The aftertaste alone makes me want to drink this tea more.


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drank Long Life Oolong by DAVIDsTEA
262 tasting notes

I was somewhat excited to try this. I do like my oolongs simple with nothing added.. but I figured I might as well try this too.
Dry: Smells pretty peachy apricot wonderful. Yum. Nice pieces of almond and orange peel.
Liquor: Um.. okay ew. For some reason the color of the ‘tea’ has turned into an electric yellowish amber that reminds me of the antiseptic liquid they apply just before surgery to sterilize the area. I hope they didn’t add a dye to this tea under ‘flavouring’. Guh! The peach is definitely present, same with some apricot tones. I sense a little oolong playing around under all the stone fruit tastes. Oh boy..I don’t even like to swirl my cup to try and cool down the tea as all I see against the white of the mug is antiseptic wash >.< Aftertaste is a little juicy.. nice. I think this one tastes best luke warm (have yet to try it cold). It’s a lot more juicy and I could definitely see myself incorporating this into a skinny peachy summer drink..
It’s good.

200 °F / 93 °C 4 min, 30 sec

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I stuffed a bag full of this tea so I had something to drink at silly Starbucks while I studied. Their tea is horrible and so is their coffee. Either way – It’s butter. In a bag. Impressive.
Will write a better review later but for the price… WOW!

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 30 sec

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drank Fantasy Island by DAVIDsTEA
262 tasting notes

Holy Hannah banana this smells amazing. It’s making my stomach grumble and want food just smelling it. This is a dangerous tea =\
Dry: Chocolate covered raspberries…with a hint of cream. Mmm so yummy smelling. Nice pieces of coconut and raspberries. Eee! =)
Liquor: Strong black tea. Awh maybe 4 minutes was too much. Slightly bitter, but I can taste the raspberry and coconut. It’s nice, but I still think I messed up the steeping time. Boo =(

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

Yeah be VERY careful with this tea..

I steep about 4

and I use a shallow david’s tea spoon and it turns out perfect now…

basically use less and steep shorter until you find the perfect match


I will have to try that out. The smell is so amazing I want to love it and crawl into the bag but with that steep I definitely wont be. Round two coming up


Ooh, raspberry and coconut sounds like a splendid combination.

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I am very excited to delve into as many different types of tea as possible… so this should be interesting. I am really looking forwards to tasting all the wide array of flavours that can come from pure tea leaves.

Currently, I am having a love affair with oolongs. Mostly green, though I am stretching out into more oxidized oolongs. Black teas are also in my love fest as they can be so surprising sometimes (I used to drink bagged red rose x.x)
I would really love to get to know green tea a lot more and white tea.. all tea to be honest. I want to know them all.

Tea rating system:

0-50: Do people actually enjoy this?
50-60: Slight improvement, not recommendable.
60-70: Alright, though easily forgettable.
70-80: Good flavour, though not a ‘go to’ tea.
80-90: Great tea – complex and memorable.
90-100: Extremely delicious and complex teas that leave me craving more.

On top of tea, I have a love for music. Generally all music, though I am partial to indie rock/folk/pop/electronic. Follow me if you also enjoy indie music and would like to trade some artists!

I’m always open to new tea and music suggestions. Happy tea drinking to you all.



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