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Oops! Put this in the Oolong Laoshan first.. my mistake >.<

I had this tea with my dear before he deployed. He likes green teas so I wanted to show him what a high quality green tea tastes like.
We just got back from Thailand, so we were very familiar with the tastes of lychee. As soon as I opened the packet, we both said lychee right off the bat. So strong and delicious, as if I was peeling a lychee!
The tea was very delicious with notes of lychee, creaminess of an oolong, and definite fresh and sweet sugar peas. I really enjoyed this tea, and so did he :)

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Such a delicious tea. Glad I decided to break into this one.

It tastes like Laoshan Black, but with a sweeter, more caramel edge. I would say this is closer to a caramel brownie than LB is…. But also with a side of vanilla ice cream. Or maybe is it caramel ice cream with pineapple? It almost reminds me of buckwheat too… one of my favourites for bread. Lovely tea

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drank Paris by Harney & Sons
262 tasting notes

I iced a big bodum of this today as well. For some reason, I never seem to get the caramel flavours of this. I do always get a strong lemony bergamot with stone fruits and some vanilla wafers in the background. I like it, but I do find the bergamot to be a little overpowering sometimes. Florence is more delicious in my opinion, though this is still a delight to drink (especially as a base for an iced matcha shake with almond milk)

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drank Three Wishes Tea by DAVIDsTEA
262 tasting notes

I made a massive bodum of this for icing. The first thing that it reminded me of was long life oolong by DT. I think I like this one better, as I can taste the green and black tea, sans the floral that I get with the LLO due to the oolong base.
Overall it’s refreshing. Peachy keen and does not need sweetening for iced which I really like. I don’t think I’ll restock this, but I am enjoying it as a nice summer drink

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My 200th note! Woooooooo!!

I’ve been slowing down my tea drinking lately due to my busy schedule! Sadface. I have been sharing what tea I have been drinking with my boyfriend, who appears to be enjoying the tea adventures.
I decided to make this one as I knew it was delicious… absolutely delicious.. and he really liked the Laoshan black, which has a somewhat similar flavour profile (though still very different).
Success! Another tea he loves.
Delicious chocolatey malt with big red robe mineral notes that I adore. What a lovely tea.

Now I’m off to Thailand for 3 weeks! I’M SO EXCITED


Sounds exciting!!! Have fun!


Congrats on 200 and hope you’re enjoying Thailand!


congratulations on your 200th tealog. Have fun in Thailand!


Thank you guys! It was amazing and I had a lot of fun :)

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Decided to brew up some tea tonight to hopefully calm and relax me. It’s been crazy around here lately and I need to center myself again.
After a rinse, first steeping was 5 seconds, 205F… result is sweet and earthy, with a thick mouthfeel reminiscent of cream or butter. Reminds me a little of sweet potato.
Second steeping, 7 seconds, tastes like a mix of sweet potato, green plantain, and custard. This steeping reminds me of the sweetness present in a roasted oolong, but without the roasted edge.
Third steeping is brothy and thick, but sweet. A sweetness that covers my entire tongue and down the back of my throat. Really really delicious.

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I have been drinking this over the past two days.. three steeps last night, two tonight.
Really really delectable. It tastes like honey and stone fruits with a slight roasted edge, sandalwood and jasmine.
The fifth cup has a really lovely plum taste as a lingering flavour. I’m really really enjoying my sample of this!

On another note – I haven’t been able to access my notices for the past week. Whats going onnnnn???!!! Hmph.

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It’s been really nice and sunny in Edmonton, and I’ve been riding my bike to the lab every day! So nice…
A few days ago, while riding my bike in the sunshine home, I was sooooo thirsty and had the biggest craving for this tea! So as soon as I got home I made a big batch of iced buds and I have been re-steeping them ever since.
So delicious – sweet pine dew with graham crackers and possibly some marshmallow, but not the typical kind – it reminds me of ones that I make that are gluten free and made with stevia. Anyways.. this is delicious as always and I am so thankful I got another oz of this from the TOTM club as I just drank down my initial 2 oz.

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drank Laoshan Black by Verdant Tea
262 tasting notes

Such a long day.
A good day, but a long one… therefore I’m finally sitting down to a nice cuppa one of my favourite blacks.
Edmonton water is a little different from what I had on the island, but this tastes lovely and creamy.. like dark hot chocolate that has been made with big red robe instead of milk. Just delicious as always.


How long are you away from the island for?


I’ve moved! I now live in Edmonton.. possibly for the next 6-7 years :(
I will absolutely be visiting the island again as it is my true home and I love it dearly.

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drank Russian Caravan by Tea Desire
262 tasting notes

Yummo. I made some of this for my morning breakfast tea. I’m just getting a cold so I figured the smokey sweetness would be a good choice.
I also used this to make a pork tenderloin last night.
Oh My Word. So good. So So good.


nice idea to do a pork tenderloin with it !


Thanks! I definitely suggest you try it :)

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I am very excited to delve into as many different types of tea as possible… so this should be interesting. I am really looking forwards to tasting all the wide array of flavours that can come from pure tea leaves.

Currently, I am having a love affair with oolongs. Mostly green, though I am stretching out into more oxidized oolongs. Black teas are also in my love fest as they can be so surprising sometimes (I used to drink bagged red rose x.x)
I would really love to get to know green tea a lot more and white tea.. all tea to be honest. I want to know them all.

Tea rating system:

0-50: Do people actually enjoy this?
50-60: Slight improvement, not recommendable.
60-70: Alright, though easily forgettable.
70-80: Good flavour, though not a ‘go to’ tea.
80-90: Great tea – complex and memorable.
90-100: Extremely delicious and complex teas that leave me craving more.

On top of tea, I have a love for music. Generally all music, though I am partial to indie rock/folk/pop/electronic. Follow me if you also enjoy indie music and would like to trade some artists!

I’m always open to new tea and music suggestions. Happy tea drinking to you all.



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