222 Tasting Notes

I’ve had this combination so many times, can’t believe I hadn’t added it before now.

If your expecting a sharp citrusy note…your not gonna get it without adding it. The citrus is rather blunted in the tea, but still enjoyable in my book. Cranberries in the other tea add a slight tartness. I could be wrong, but I think this might make an interesting iced tea…I got plenty of this so would be able to try that a few times and not use up to much of it.

190 °F / 87 °C

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Hmph…I could of sworn I had reviewed this tea…no wonder I couldn’t find it the other night!

Anyways…I had this tea I think it was Saturday? Yeah that’s right that is when I got the package. For various reasons I do not want to have any now…I’m hoarding it. Saving up moola for a Verdant order as well as Della Terra. (Though probably not till this summer, sadly.) So cannot justify ordering more from Butiki at this time.


1st sniff: Funky, (In a good way;))smells coming out of this bag, now why didn’t I pick this one 1st? Ahh yes the smells of the Pistachio Ice Cream beguiled me. Enough of that…carry on!
My 1st few sips were with sugar only, which made the apples really show up, though thankfully not overshadow the potato. After about 4 sips I added some table salt. (I love sweet and salty tastes anyways.) OMG!!! Insanely good!

I did have the odd thought of adding some sour cream to the tea as I like both applesauce and sour cream with my potato pancakes, though not crazy about them mixed up…..Hmm. What a quandary.

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I love cantaloup…well most melon, really. So of course I would give this tea a shot. It’s tasty and I don’t regret getting it…however, I don’t see myself getting it again. I think because when I compare to how much I liked Pistachios Ice Cream and Potatoes & Applesauce, this tea is awfully quiet, and given I’ve got a slew of quiet teas from various places (Many of them accessible from local places.)and it’s hard for me to justify getting more teas that don’t really WOW! me from non local tea places or ones that cost a pretty penny. So…no probably won’t be getting this again. I will be adding it to the ‘iced teas’ list however.

175 °F / 79 °C 2 min, 45 sec 1 tsp 6 OZ / 177 ML

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1st smell: weird and funky but in a fun kind of way.
1st taste: I was kind of expecting bit of a broth taste, due to the smell, but the taste was really mild.

I am undecided on whether I’d want to keep this in my cupboard, that is if I could afford to. When it cooled down, it tasted better in some ways, almost kind of minty…which is weird, because mint and cilantro generally don’t taste anything alike to me. Well guess it’ll have to wait on a final verdict when it gets down to the end of the bag.

1 tsp 6 OZ / 177 ML

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Last tea review of the night….seriously thinking of heading to bed, I’m tired…funny because I didn’t do a whole lot other then drink tea, (Which I’m not regretting, but am regretting not getting to other stuff I was supposed to do. Ahh well.)

This tea is good, but can’t see myself getting it again. I plan on saving it for summer to use for iced tea though. Compared to my really liking Pistachio Ice Cream and Potato Pancakes & Applesauce, I was really disappointed with this tea, but I guess that’s bound to happen some times, eh?

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Kitty tastings…..Mmmmm! Sorry, I’m in a weird little/kitty kind of mood right now, if that weirds you out you can stop reading and it won’t hurted my feefees! (Feelings.)

I ordered from Butiki last…Thursday/Friday I believe and got my package today, (Stacy said there was a delay with one of the teas, otherwise it would of been sent out earlier.) I chose this tea 1st because it smelled so sweet and nice and I adore pistachios! And I looooooooooooove! Pistachio Ice cream! (My favorite is by Ciao Bella, they also make a terrific Blood Orange Sorbet and the PassionFruit is equally good.) And have been known to eat a whole bag of pistachios in one afternoon, (even with having to shell them….I much prefer to get the shelled, although that makes it even easier to overeat. )

Anyways….I like reading reviews of a new tea when I’m drinking it, to see if I have the same/similar impressions. With this tea I am happy to say that with the 10-15 reviews I’ve read I agree with most of them:

Grassy (But in a good way this time!) Creamy (Not overly so. More like a hint.) Nutty. (Not sure if I would of figured Pistachios if this was a blind tasting.) Sweet. Doesn’t have an ice cream taste to me, though I’ve yet to have a tea where that is successfully translated and it might be something that is to complex of a taste for me. Shrugs That’s ok.
Going to try a resteeping, even though I want to try the others…giggles I am not much of a resteeper though I totally get the appeal.

At this time, I am not sure if I would get this again despite my liking it quite a bit. And I think I would say that even if I had a much better income, had an apartment/house of my own and a new car. (Stuff gotta save up for.)

Resteep: It’s an ok resteep, but like I’ve mentioned before I am probably not resteeping right. It’s still nutty and sweet but no cream. If I had half and half around the house I would pour just a tiny bit in, just to see how it rolls. Maybe I should buy some when I go shopping either tonight or tomorow. Heh.

175 °F / 79 °C 3 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 6 OZ / 177 ML

squees at finding another little on Steepster Being little rocks!!!


Oh I’m sure there are plenty of other littles on here.as well as kitties and puppies…hehehe.


True, true. I just get excited .


Grins Me too.

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drank Blue Lagoon by DAVIDsTEA
222 tasting notes

Interesting and fun tea, I wouldn’t mind receiving it as a gift, but aside from 1 of the teas in the Spring sampler, I don’t see myself buying it again. It tastes a lot like the Blueberry-Lemonade flavor in the MIO brand, which that I’m fine with as each bottle is a few bucks and they can go a long way. This tea? Meh, no. I saw someone mention Lemon Myrtle, I still got some, so I’ll try it with that, but I doubt my attitude will improve.

200 °F / 93 °C 5 min, 0 sec

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I am not much experienced with green teas, let alone with Sencha so….not sure what rating I should give this tea.

Taste-I taste very little grape and alot of grass. I mean I know Sencha is supposed to be a little grassy, but blah! It’s barely drinkable and trying to convince myself to finish the cup instead of pitching it down the sink. I noticed 1 person mentioned that they should try steeping it at 2 min. and if I can talk myself into trying this again, I will try that. I will also try it iced, it tastes like it would be an ok iced tea, particularly if I put more sugar in it. Maybe add a little grape pop to take away the grassy taste. (Which at this time I am not really keen on, but still would like to try some fancy dancy sencha and other green teas just to say that I did.)

185 °F / 85 °C 5 min, 15 sec

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drank Pom Tango by DAVIDsTEA
222 tasting notes

They should rename this Mango Tango. Seriously. I can’t really taste any pomegranates and disappointed about that. But other then that…I like this. Going back and forth about whether I would get this for iced tea days…I guess it depends on how long it sticks around. I put a bunch of sugar in it, but can barely taste it, not a problem though I was in the mood for tart. I guess that could be the pom, hmm? Maybe. This tea is a bit…dry. I think I’m going to have a sweeter tea after this. Next cup I’m going to have will be iced.

Usually I wouldn’t be having a black tea this late but planning on working on my writing tonight and need as much energy as I can get. And want to counteract the alcohol in the Mike’s Hard Peachade that I bought last week and need to drink up before my Dad gets back from his vacation. (He’s a long time recovering alcoholic and doesn’t like having alcohol and he worries about me drinking…despite the fact that I’m not crazy about most alcohol and I’m such a lightweight…a few hard ades or wine coolers or Smirnoffs a year and I’m good. Pretty unusual for me to even buy a box…but figured, what the hell? lol. Unfortunately the stuff kind of sucks. Oh well.

200 °F / 93 °C 5 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 6 OZ / 177 ML

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drank Cool Cucumber by DAVIDsTEA
222 tasting notes

LOL. Since I knew the Spring Collection box was going to be delivered today, I ended up putting off of running my errands till after the mail comes in the afternoon. Just when I’m starting to think “Ok, I need to consider running at least 1-2 errands and then come back to the house, because this is taking to long.” so I make the decision to leave and of course the mail came. I couldn’t make myself leave until I opened the box, looked at the samples I received (Buddha’s Blend, which I’ve really wanted to try for a while. Genmaicha, I doubt I’ll like it more then Verdant’s Laoshan Genmaicha. But willing to give it a shot. And Glitter & Gold, which I have and liked at 1st but been having trouble finishing the bag.)

I opened the bags to have a sniff and decided it wasn’t to late in the afternoon to have some black tea and plus it said it was medium caffeine anyways…so I brewed some Cool Cucumber in a steeper cup, then poured it into my travel cup when it was done steeping. Tested it…meh. put more sugar in…tested it again, put more sugar in it….Ahh. Much better.

When it comes to mint in teas, I can really take it or leave it. I usually like it well enough to at least finish the cup, but usually don’t go out of my way to buy more especially if it tastes anything like Mint Medley from Bigelow’s which I still like even though it comes in a tea bag, I figure with that readily available, what’s the point in buying it online? But when the taste is distinctly different but tasty…like Teavana’s Watermelon Mint Chiller was one that really grew on me. Like a sneak attack.

After the 1st few sips, I thought “Ohh crap! I just might have to buy more of this for this summer.” I’m considering compiling a list of teas that I’d like to have around for iced tea on the weekends. During the week I’ll put up with the cheap crap and my flavored MIO stuff, and save the good stuff for the weekend so I don’t run out so quickly.

SMH. With planning a Verdant order soon (With hopefully Eight Treasures Yabao coming in.) half planning a Della Terra order (Because of Pineapple Upside Down Cake.) The order I just got from David’s Tea and the one I ordered this weekend from Butiki. Not to mention the almost week to week temptation of 52 Teas. (Which I’ve managed to successfully hold off because the majority of Frank’s Teas I’ve tried, I have not liked.

Anyways….if you like weird teas, this is definitely the one to try!

200 °F / 93 °C 6 min, 0 sec

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Currently 40 years old…

Been a tea lover for most of my life, though it’s only in the past? (5-8 years.) That I’ve been drinking loose leaf tea.

I like mostly blended teas in Black, White, and some Oolong. Sadly not much Green tea that I really like. And of course Herbal.

Rating Guide that I use, though I am not terribly consistent;)

100 Excellent
90-99 Very Good
70-89 Fair
50-69 The only teas that I am interested in in this rating are teas that I can buy locally, such as at a grocery store, fruit market, tea shop, etc. Or is fairly cheap/add on thru a website.
50 and Below No redeeming qualities whatsoever or is too much like a tea that I already have.

Some teas such as Constant Comment by Bigelow I still drink on occasion, it is one of my comfort teas from when I was growing up. Others are Perfect Peach, Mint Medley and Cozy Chamomile.

I am a bookworm, though I also enjoy art journaling/mixed media, making jewelry, spending waaaaaay to much time online…particularly bingeing various tv shows on Netflix and Hulu. Also various forums like this one (On and off.) Quora, Goodreads, Youtube and misc. others. If you see the nicknames Lynxiebrat/Lynxiegrl,Lynxiedove, Zaaron or Sarikcat, then drop me a message:)


Jackson, Michigan

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