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This one is not one I will say that is my favorite. I am not a real fan of black tea either, but all tea is equal and deserve to be drank. So here I go in my cup of description. Bigelow tea is what is in break rooms at, but yet we do not have a lot of verity either. I decided to try this one instead of drinking my green tea. Hmmm . . . raspberry it should taste good!

The black tea leaves came through strong of the stale taste of raspberry. Yes, the raspberry flavor was we week. I had to dress the cup with sugar to make bearable for me sip (not drink).

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drank I Love Lemon by Bigelow
19 tasting notes

Her is a cup the greets me every morning of a sore throat at work. I grab a cup of this and open the bag as my nostrils are lifted with lemon. I drink this warm (not hot for the my already hurts, LOL). Honestly I am not a fan of lemon, but enjoyed this cup a lot. To me it held a little sweet taste to it too.

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drank Mint Medley by Bigelow
19 tasting notes

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drank Green Tea by Bigelow
19 tasting notes

This is nothing more then a a simple cup of green tea. I drink this too at work. I am not pleased of it , but it is better then the other teas we have as a selection at work. The liquor has a nice color as the taste is a little bit bland.

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I mainly drink this one at work. With lemon that is a plus? Opening the bag you can smell the lemon in the tea bag. Yet after stepping it that is a different type of tea all together. It taste no more or better then the Green Tea that Bigelow makes. It says lemon on the packet, but yet I taste no lemon. So if I can smell it but not taste, then my question is where did it go?

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drank Sour Apple by Adagio Teas
19 tasting notes

This one my daughter and I loved. It is like having a granny apple on a warm summers day. When opening the container to pouring in the cup. The aroma filled the kitchen of apples. I was blown away on the size of apple pieces that was in the tea. Yes, my first time having loose tea.

The liquors sent and color was pleasing to me. I tossed it around a little as if to taste wine. Seeing its hue clasp within its self and relieving more of its bountiful notes. It taste like a warm cup of apple juice, but with out the sweetness. It held the a bit bitterness that green apple hold within its savoring juices.

It makes me picture the orchards of yesterday. Making homemade applesauce with Mom. Just slipping away into memories of before.

180 °F / 82 °C 6 min, 30 sec

You actually taste the apple?

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A fellow young man who indulges in the joyfulness of tea. I am the odd one in my family. For either they love coffee or pop, but I am the tea lover. I like to sample it like wine in identifying its characteristics. A family joke is that I was adopted, because of our German heritage. Either way I raise a cup to new friends and old one too. Is it tea time?


Idaho, USA

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