Last night it was 79 degrees in my room and it was 77 when I woke up. I had the blessed window open, so I don’t know why it was so hot. I didn’t sleep much so I got up late for church, feeling slimy with sweat. I ran around all day today packing up stuff at the old place to bring to my room at mom’s. Pretty soon I won’t be able to move in here! My brother gallantly watched me parading in and out with multiple loads, and he never offered to help. Ggrrrrr. Of course, I never asked for help. Maybe he thought I could handle it.

Anyway, a few more loads to bring home and then I get to start packing for putting stuff in storage.

Last night was hotter than blazes but tonight it is comfortable. I decided to have a cup of hot tea. I thought this one was done a while ago, but I was digging around in the tea box for an evening cup and this one floated up to the top. Nummy. I will miss you, delicious tea, but I have lots more to sip down before fall, and I’m sure Anne and Amethyst will come up with more teas to entice me to break my No Tea Buying vow.


We’ll definitely try. :)

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We’ll definitely try. :)

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I love cats. I love alone time. I love sitting indoors on a cold winter night with a book or my knitting while drinking tea. I don’t have a sense of smell, so many of the more subtle flavors of tea escape me. Two of the things I CAN taste are bitter and sour, so any tea that has even a slightly bitter taste is nasty for me. And what others might perceive as pleasant tartness may be horribly sour for me.

I’m also a writer. I love writing, and a mug of hot tea helps me get through the hours sitting in front of the computer. Although I’m a comparatively new tea drinker, I’m jumping in feet first. Feel free to recommend any teas you think I might enjoy.

100-91 – Wowza! I want to keep this tea in the cupboard all the time.
75-90 – Very nice. It would be good to have this tea on hand from time to time.
60-74 – OK. Wouldn’t keep it in the cupboard, but I would drink it again.
45-59 – If a friend served this I would drink it to be polite, but it’s not really my cuppa.
Lower than 45 – Blech. It was too sour or bitter for my taste. Would not drink it again.


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