drank Bourbon Vanilla by Ronnefeldt
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Archimedes, Pascal, and Newton are playing hide-and-seek.
Archimedes covers his eyes and starts counting.
Pascal looks around and hides behind a bush.
Newton grabs a stick and scrapes a one meter by one meter square in the dirt and stands in it. Otherwise he does not hide at all.
Archimedes opens his eyes and looks around. Of course, he immediately sees Newton and calls “I see Newton”
Newton calmly says “But hang on, one Newton in a square meter is a Pascal!”

Ain’t that the like nerdiest joke ever?

New try. Less tea and really short steep. OMG it takes aaaages for the tea to cool down now that the summer has finally started. I took my first swim yesterday. It was awesome.

Yep this is a way to make this tea. It’s still a tad bitter in the end but it has nice milder flavors. Solid but not likely i’d buy it again…

Boiling 2 min, 30 sec

I giggled at the joke :)


lol so did I :D

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I giggled at the joke :)


lol so did I :D

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born with a bit of a restless, curious and exploring spirit ;) love to travel and i do it a lot lately. enjoy good food and drinks. love trying out new stuff. just about to start exploring the world of teas and i’m really enthusiastic about it ;)

EDIT 4 months later:
still a n00b here but starting to get it ;) i try to buy loose tea but i got a lot of teabags too cuz it’s easier to find here. from not liking black tea ended up love it. green can be quite good too but waiting for more real ones to try. whites are sometimes awesome, sometimes not, rooibos and fruity blends are a good replacement for juices… and so on… still excited about every new tea… loving it more every day :D

since my favorite hobby is photography i take photos whenever something is interesting. including my tea making process…

Rating system (i’ll try to use it from now on):
0-20 sorry, can’t do it. ewwy
20-50 i’ll drink it if i have to, i f not no ty
50-70 its not bad, quite drinkable
70-85 i like it, might buy more
85-100 gimme more of this stuff


rijeka, croatia

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