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looooooove this one. so tasty. sadly ending the sampler :(

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Take comfort in your fishie cup! I hate sad endings :(


oh well i got the 31 golden moon tea sampler yesterday so im taking comfort in that ;) but ill surely order a tin of this one some day


I can’t wait to start seeing your GM reviews :)

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This one is really kewl to drink actually. Rather neutral even tho its quite flavored, quite herbal… Very drinkable and kinda good cold too…

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summer teas phase. this one fits in nicely…

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drank White Melon by Ronnefeldt Tea
227 tasting notes

somehow think i’ll be drinking a lot of this one this summer. its very gentle and refreshing. very nice as cold or mild summer drink…

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Opening my second Rare tea company Tea tin.

It tastes very gentle and nice. Slightly silver needle-ish. Sweet. Very subtle should maybe even steep it longer.

Promising. Won’t rate just yet.

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Made 2 matcha rolls today – one with pistachio creme, other one with strawberry yogurt creme. And after that i needed refreshment so i made a nice latte. Everything is so yummy :D

Enjoy the pics:


Looks delicious!




well if anyone has Croatia by their ways you are invited come and try it ;)

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drank Oolong by Rare Tea Company
227 tasting notes

Another sampler and another tea that has been awarded for good taste.

Leaves smell like really fresh grass. Nice dark green color.

Tea is dark yellow and smells really nice.
It’s very good. Gotta wait a bit to define it cuz i had sheep cheese for dinner and it’s kinda still there on my taste buds.

Well to me it tastes similar to Dragon Well. But bit better. Easier to drink. This is best oolong I’ve had so far. The oolong tastes starts then it ends with that dragon well taste. Awesome combo.

Oh idk I just like it…

I did 3 steeps – just as good. Its a multi-steep tea ;)

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Yay i got my DoMatcha tin yesterday. Won it on a FB recipe contest. Gonna make the matcha roll tomorrow. Today i started my day with a matcha latte :D

Soooooo yumm!

I absolutely love the fact that you can make so many different yummy things out of a tin of matcha. And this one is indeed a very tasty one too…

No more words here are the pics…


I never realized how petite the cannister is — it’s sooo cute! And congratulations on winning the contest :D


yeah its cute even tho i’d prefer less cute and bigger with this one :D i just started drinking it and i’m afraid of stayin without. and it’s too pricey for me to order. cost+shipping goes over my ordering limit (i never order over 30$ cuz then i gotta pay croatian tax which i really don’t wanna pay, i pay more than enough of it anyways). so i just ordered some 3 oz ceremonial matcha from ebay – for 20$. can’t be as good as this one but might be ok – you never know with ebay.

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drank White Melon by Ronnefeldt Tea
227 tasting notes

I’ve just mixed a tsp of this with a tsp of silver needle (that ebay – not so good one).
Seriously how can the dry leaves look so different if its the same plant?

Tea is ok, cant barely tell silver needle is in it – i should have started steeping it first then add melon one later…

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I just read the short story that was inside the Lost Malawi tin. Such an awesome idea to do that.

This one is slightly darker than the Emperor’s breakfast. It’s supposed to be a strong black tea. Color is more red than brown. I’ll post photos some other time since i got a whole tin of this one :D Smells creamish too. I know – weird word for a smell – but it really smells like it’s going to be creamy. I kinda like it when a tea actual tastes the way it smells – well when it smells good (duh). I don’t mind a bad smelling tea surprising me with a good taste ;)

1st steep 3,5 min
It’s less sweet than the Emperor’s breakfast. Tastes nice earthy, smooth and round. I can hint a bitter note. It’s quite good.

2nd steep 5,5 min
Much lighter than the 1st steep. Tastes different. Less smooth. More watery and bit bitter. Still don’t mind drinking it tho. But its a one steep tea i’d say…

Another thing i like about this company is that, on their website, they write down which of their teas, and in which percents, make good combos. Like – i remember reading that it’s good to add half a teaspoon of Lost Malawi in Emperor’s breakfast to make it tad stronger. There was also an oolong combo which sounded even more interesting.

Btw in the tea description here on Steepster you got a link to a kewl video about where this tea is made. Actually here you go:

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born with a bit of a restless, curious and exploring spirit ;) love to travel and i do it a lot lately. enjoy good food and drinks. love trying out new stuff. just about to start exploring the world of teas and i’m really enthusiastic about it ;)

EDIT 4 months later:
still a n00b here but starting to get it ;) i try to buy loose tea but i got a lot of teabags too cuz it’s easier to find here. from not liking black tea ended up love it. green can be quite good too but waiting for more real ones to try. whites are sometimes awesome, sometimes not, rooibos and fruity blends are a good replacement for juices… and so on… still excited about every new tea… loving it more every day :D

since my favorite hobby is photography i take photos whenever something is interesting. including my tea making process…

Rating system (i’ll try to use it from now on):
0-20 sorry, can’t do it. ewwy
20-50 i’ll drink it if i have to, i f not no ty
50-70 its not bad, quite drinkable
70-85 i like it, might buy more
85-100 gimme more of this stuff


rijeka, croatia

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