I’ve been drinking teas since childhood. When I was a child I used to drink herbal infusions made by my grand-mother and mother to help me with my childhood asthma and prevent colds. As a teenager, I don’t remember drinking any tea at all…I was a coffee lover in my university years, but after I got married and start drinking my husband’s green, white and black teas I develop a taste for tea and also got interested in its health benefits. My husband is from Taiwan and is very particular about his teas. When his sister comes to visit, she always brings high-quality teas from Taiwan’s high mountains, many of which are only available in the island. She also introduced me to flower teas and Traditional Chinese Medicine teas.
Five years ago, meanwhile traveling in Germany and Austria, I discovered their fruit and herbal teas and fall in love with them!
As you can see, I like many different kinds of teas and I drink them at different times of the days and for different reasons, depends on the mood I am and how I am feeling.
I am also the owner of a small business that retails SONNENTOR organic teas in Ottawa, Canada. I found this company while doing research on a German Nun named Hildegard of Bingen, who lived in the Middle Ages. Nun Hildegard was a botanist and herbalist among many other things and she developed herbal remedies used to treat many illnesses. SONNENTOR has a special line of teas dedicated to her herbal infusions, some adapted to today’s tastes.


Ottawa, Canada


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