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Well, I have this one since 1 month and a half.
Sadly, i’ve never made any review of it.

The jelly bean seems a little inappropriate for a tea.
Which surprised me. It’s… right!

The blend is not too much sugary.
Instead we got a sweet sugary blend!
I don’t know why but I smell a little…
Pineapple taste in it?

Am I wrong?
Anyway, everything’s fine.
Try it out by yourself!

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There is pineapple in it!


By any means. But it seems this is a tea to attract non-tea drinkers into the novelty of it.

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I was hugely surprised by this one.
My expectation on this one was really low.

My GF bought it so i’ve just said:
Well, no problem! Try it.

That taste is impressive, nothing out of what i’ve think it would be.
It’s so refreshing, so minty and gingery. All in a pleasant way.
The taste is nothing else of what you could actually think about a tea.
Okay, the green tea doesn’t come through the blend, but it helps.
It helps what? It gave the blend a full body, another spectrum of flavors.

Not the best, but not so bad though.
Try it if you want something new!

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Humm! What a tasty treat!

This one really reminds me more of the Buttered Rum tea than Earl Grey itself. That’s not a bad things, I really enjoyed it… But it was REALLY creamy. So much that… i’ve didn’t tasted the bergamot that much.

So I conclude, this one is like Buttered Rum,
with a little bergamot kick!

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I adore creamy teas but haven’t found too many black creamy ones….I think I’ll give this one a go after I finish my berry earl grey c:

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I’ve tasted this one at my friend house and it’s really nice.
Very sweet and cherry.
Yup, amaretto in a tea. No doubt.
But I love WAY more the taste of Alpine Punch.
It has the same cherry kick with a more creamy taste. :)

Anyway hem.. As always : TRY IT.

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This one is awesome.

The smell of dry leaves remind me, like everyone said, of AMARETTO!
You got the sour cherry and the creamy almond smell blended together.

Once steeped… Damn it, i’m in love. The cherry here is a little weaker on the smell which is great and… THE taste, of Amaretto. I can’t feel that woodsy feeling of rooibos and it’s really pleasant in this blend, because it would not be appropriate here.

The cinnamon and black pepper gives it some spicy notes, it’s what makes this blend be a little wintery, hahaha. For me amaretto is especially for summer time, like the one i’ve spent with my girlfriend with awesome friends playing music in front of a fire camp.

Anyway, now it’s winter and I do enjoy it so much with a little nap in front of the fireplace with my lover with some tea… Or some wine hahaha :)

Have a good winter everyone, sincerely!

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Interesting that you picked up a cherry note, even though there are no cherries in this, I wonder what combination of the ingredients did that, or whether it is simply from the extra flavouring. I simply love this tea though.

Maxime-Daniel Friðrikson

Maybe the problem is that I have some really disturbed taste buds haha!

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When I first smelled this tea, I was completely turned off.
It’s not even appealing and it was a really big deception.

When I first read the description and seen the blend, i’ve said : Yes! A yummy fruity/cinnamon one!

Here’s the review : Yes, the description was right. This tea is really rich, complex.
It looks like a dessert tea, because I feel a lots of strange fruity taste (it’s like the figs turned out-of-date) with a really strong black tea. The orange peel and the cinnamon just add some sweet aftertaste, but really not accentuate the flavor.

Overall my friends, I think the figs turned out bad once dried. What a deception! It’s not an atrocious taste, it’s just not appealing and really not as what I can expect from a DT blend. It was a mistake, but we can understand. Nobody’s perfect!

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When I heard about a blend of White and Black tea I was really not sure about this mix…
But i’ve wanted so much to try this one.

I was much pleased by this one! DAMN.
It’s fully satisfying because I can catch all the White and Black tea flavor.
It’s a little creamy, but not too much creamy like Vanilla Oolong or Buttered rum.
Chocolate you say? Yes, there’s a little of it, but not the ugly steeped taste, the sweet
light flavor of cocoa here. :)

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I really like this one…it is smooth. Simple but complex, light but heavy. The perfect mix of light and dark.

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This one is really rich of flavor. Mild-spicy mild-earthy with a fruity after-taste.

First of all, I can feel the fresh breath from all the Indian leaves.
The flavors became more clear as you drink it, at first impression it seems like a nice black tea. As you sip and the temperature drop, you feel the lovable muscat flavor.

This have a fresh earthy taste perfectly balanced with the spice.
The aftertaste is fruity, it’s really subtile.


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Hummm! :)

I’ve always founded citrus or orange blends to be refreshing, like this one.
The Oolong gives a creamy nice feel to the taste and the citrus gives a strong acid feel.
They went together well in mouth, but I can’t say i’m a fan of it.

One cup is pretty tasty, two cup, ok, but I will never drink a teapot of it.
Why? Because the citrus is strong here.

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My morning was really festive with this tea while listening to a Traditional Irish song.
Here’s the song : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exDcam6hcv0
(I know it’s from Lord of the Rings, but I do love this soundtrack.)

For the tea? Well. Fruitcake in a mug? I wouldn’t say so.
I hate Fruitcake but i’m in love with this tea. :)

The nose [dried] : Full of orange with [candy] berries.
The nose [infused] : It smell like rocket candy.

The taste : First, there’s the orange tones which is really prominent.
Second, there’s lots of fruit tones. I can taste cranberry and berries.
The fruit here feel like artificial flavoring without being too much aggressive.
Finally? The sencha basis which conclude perfectly this unique and memorable blend!

Try it out and you’ll see what I mean :)

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Off the topic of tea – I’m super pissed that that track isn’t included on my LOTR: FOTR soundtrack CD :’c

Maxime-Daniel Friðrikson

Hahaha! I know it’s sad but it come in “The Complete Recordings” package edition…


love the song.if you havent already check out Silly Wizard.celtic/gaelic disbanded in the mid80’s.fisherman song,parish of dunkeld,blackbird,twa brithers,to name a few

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