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Okay, “milky” oolong we need to talk a little.
You do taste good, okay, we’re right with it and I do like that.

But, what’s the difference with every quality oolong i’ve tasted?
Do you add something to my collection?
Do my buds will notice the difference between your aroma and taste?

Hahaha! No, seriously, this one is like a lots of Oolong i’ve tasted…
Buy “Tie Kwan Yin” which cost less than this one.

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Darn! A mixture of black and green tea with jasmine and rose blossom.

Amazing. The vegetal sweetness of the green with the acidity of the black tea added with the floral taste of jasmine. Nothing more sweet, creamy and fluent in mouth. :)

Try it, that’s so tasty.

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This one is a tea i’ve had for my birthday… as a gift OF COURSE.

The taste is really smooth and vegetal and have a little earthy aftertaste.
What a pleasure. I must say it do have a little nutty aftertaste.

Exciting I know… I LOVE YOU. haha.

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A great tea. I was expecting a more explosive and unique taste but… It taste like a lots of citrus tea. Like “La La Lemon”, but with a smoother citrus tone.
The Pu’Erh give a little earthy burst, gentle is the burst.
Finally, the ginger give a fresh wave to the mixture.

Overall, it’s a really well made citrus tea. :)
Enjoy it!

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Well, it’s a “magic” taste. Hahaha… No, seriously, I understand why everyone loves it. It’s impressive in mouth, it taste like nothing else i’ve ever tasted. A GOOD taste.

Ashley Bain

this made me giggle.

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Hummm Wisky? Not that much.

First sip i’ve taken remembered me of Banana… Yep. BANANA. (Hot sip)
Mild sip really shown the little Wiskey flavor, but… Yeah that’s more a “bubble-gum/banana” feel than the alchoolic Wisky taste.
Last sip, fruity again, same as mild.

So… Buttered Rum is one of my favorite DT tea and this one is just… Good!
But, not really close of the legendary wisky feel.

I know, it’s a good tea anyway.
Love you Wisky White.

With love,
Max. (Just imagine a fancy signature.)


I just ordered Whisky White and I can’t wait to try it!!! So exciting…

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Hi there, it’s been a fucking while since i’ve drinked tea!

I’ve moved to another city and now I have a new job so I doesn’t having the time for this, but NOW! Let’s see what this tea has in his taste :)

Review : Well, really fruity in da mouth. It’s like taking a bite in a watermelon. Seriously the taste of this tea (iced) is simply impressive!

The taste is not “weak” like a lot’s of iced tea i’ve tried, it’s plain and satisfying.

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Try it iced as a sample in Saint-Bruno.

Well…. Gelato? Is it possibly disgusting as a tea?
Nope. But it’s nothing new in the taste AND smell.

This one is a copy of Lime Bang in EACH way.
The only change is that this one has a really better tea basis.
The Gunpowder in Lime Bang was poor quality.

Overall, it’s good, but it’s nothing memorable.


lol, i think the novelty of any new dt blends has worn out on me.

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Yum yum! I’ve tasted this one as a cold tea and it was really refreshing!
For fruity tea lovers!

After trying it iced as a “tea of the day”, i’ve decided to try it HOT!
So… My review for this one:

Fresh, fruity, energizing and sweet.
The taste never gets bitter.
It’s like tropicana in a tea…
With the effect of a RedBull.

The ONLY thing I would say about this one is…
I was expecting a REALLY unique flavor.
It taste like a lots of theses herbal fruity tea.

Haha, still yummy anyway!

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WOW. The perfection of the White Peony with the blueberry smash.

All my friends have said to me : “White Tiger is simply AWESOME! You need to try it, it’s like a legend alive” So… I’ve tried it as a tea-to-go at Saint-Bruno DT.

First sip, hot sip, the peony was there and the blueberry was subtile.
Later sip, semi-hot sip, blueberry was mixed with the poeny awesomeness and some pomegranate essence was all over there for smoothing everything.
Last sip, cold sip, blueberry freshness get out from the mixture to deliver a really nice “cold” feel and makes me wonder… Damn, I must try it iced!

However, this tea is impressive. A classic from DT that never fail to impress like Buttered Rum or Coco Chai Rooibos. Try it, ice it, drink it.

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I make music, but who care here?

I only rate the DAVIDsTEA, so if you like this tea brand, just follow me!


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