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This is a great Oolong…This strong and fragrant tea is a must drink for Oolong lovers. It provided me with an introduction to the higher oxidized end of quality Oolong. I personally like to steep this tea many times in order to get the full extent of the flavours available in this leave. This tea has a very strong smell that I can only describe as being ‘dank’ and ‘roasted’. Friends of mine who don’t drink Oolong often seem to like this tea over less oxidized ones because it is so full of flavour and distinct.

The flavour changes as I steep it. The first two steeps contain flavours that are rich and earthy. I personally like the third steep the most because of the chocolaty flavours that can be detected. The flavour seem to coat the inside of the mouth and is a great tea to drink with food.

185 °F / 85 °C 1 min, 15 sec

I love how this tea changes with each steep as well!

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Before steeping this tea it seems to have a sweet earthy smell. Visually, it is made up of tight clusters of leaves and contains no stems upon brief inspection. I am drinking the last of my ‘monkey picked’ and have plenty of experience steeping this particular tea now that I am finishing up the last of this .25 lb bag. I personally prefer steepings between 1 and 2 minutes for this tea.

The tightly packed leaf clusters slightly unfurl after the first steep. The smell is sweet with floral grass like undertones. The colour is a pale yellow. The taste is excellent and lingers after sipping to the point that I can still smell it as I breath through my nose. This tea’s flavour is extremely deep, the initial sip will produce one flavour while the aftertaste produces another. This took some time for me to note as the favour is so well composed that it blends into itself. The texture seems creamy simply because of how the flavour changes so smoothly from that initial sip to swallow to wonderful aftertaste.

Since I enjoy this tea so much it was excellent to experiment with. Varying temperate, steeping vessels and length of steep has allowed me to get the most out of this amazing leaf. As I re-steep the flavour intensifies and opens up more to the point where I am getting maximum enjoyment from the third steep. If you like Oolongs and have a taste for them I would strongly recommend investing in this tea. It allows for forgiving steeps that never disappoint and a quality of leaf that is hard to find…

190 °F / 87 °C 1 min, 30 sec

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