KTM Team Germany’s RC8R rider Stefan Nebel celebrated the team’s first appearance in the IDM Superbike competition close to the traditional racing circuit of Salzburg by racing to a podium position as to what was essentially KTM’s home race.

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The great weekend for Nebel, the 3 times, IDM Superbike champion, already began in training. With his or her third put on the famous-infamous high speed circuit which reaches just a 60 minutes away off the KTM headquarters in Mattighofen, Nebel had already secured his put in place the coveted first row. In contrast, team-mate Didier van Keymeulen was luckless. After a technical trouble in the first timed training plus a wet second session, the 26-year old rider from Belgium was forced to tackle 2 18-lap races from start position some thing like 20.

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