318 Tasting Notes

drank Berry Mint Cassis by Teavana
318 tasting notes

Oh. God.

I must have gotten a bad batch of this, because it’s rated fairly high on here. I myself find it disgusting.

It’s weird hot. I sort of expect it to be a berry flavored tea, and there’s that, but then there’s also a mintiness afterwards… sort of like fruit-flavored gum. The hibiscus isn’t too strong, though, so yay?

And cold… I figured it would be better cold. It almost is. The vanilla comes out, as does the mint, and the fruit takes a bit of a backseat. It’s still sort of like gum, but the flavors jive a bit better. But there’s an unbearable bitterness, which I think comes from the orange rinds. I tried to finish the mug… but couldn’t.

I’ll leave off the rating, since people seem to think it’s okay, and I still have some of my bag left, but sigh. I’m disappointed. At least it was (fairly) cheap.

Rebecca Lynn

What would happen if you told them it was disgusting and you wanted a refund?


They probably wouldn’t refund it (it being a food item). And it’s not really worth the time/effort it would take to fight with them.

Autumn Hearth

Michelle, they have a more generous return policy now (which doesn’t mean any given employee you run into might not fight you on it). But for a rooibos, they really should just let you exchange it for similarly price tea. I also got a gum note on this but don’t remember any extreme bitterness, but I only tried a few sips brewed in store.


Honestly, it’s not really worth it. I only have maybe an ounce left, and the closest Teavana to me right now is about an hour away. I think I might have gotten too many orange rinds into the filter, because it sort of tasted like that. I’ll just chalk it up to experience. Thanks, though!

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drank Victorian Rose Tea by Tealuxe
318 tasting notes

Really rosy. I like it! The black is present but not overwhelming, and the rose is strong without being too perfumey. Although I am a fan of rose things. I might go longer (4-5 mins) next time to get a bit of a stronger flavor, but there’s no bitterness at all, which is lovely.

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The latest batch of samples courtesy of Angel and Teavivre showed up in my mailbox on Friday, but I didn’t get a chance to try them until after I’d gotten back to school from break.

Break was fantastic, but I’m glad to be back, and trying new teas!

I really like this one. The leaves are bright spinach green, and they smell very vegetal. The taste is also very spinach-y and vegetal, but I like it. It’s kind of like my beloved Dragonwell! Delightful.

180 °F / 82 °C 1 min, 0 sec

Can you get more free samples beyond the initial 5 or are these some that you paid for?


Teavivre contacted me and said they had free samples to send me.


That’s awesome! They must really like you :)


I suppose so!~

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Hello Steepster!

I need your help. I know that Lapsang Souchong is the name of this tea. I also know that a lot of people refer to it as Lapsang. I’m writing a poem about lapsang… is it okay if I refer only to it as Lapsang, or should the Souchong fit its way into the beginning somewhere? I want to be correct.


Tea! Drinking this for a poem. I was SO glad I still had a bit of the sample so generously provided by Teavivre left – I needed the inspiration!

It’s a sweet lapsang. The smoke is mostly in the smell, whereas the tea itself tastes like sweet pine tar, especially as it cools. Steeped in tasting cup – rinse, 15, 25, added a pinch more leaves and then 45, 1 min and 1 min 30. The last three steeps were combined into a travel mug because I didn’t have the time to sit. It produced a wonderfully multilayered brew.


I frequently refer to it as just Lapsang!


Excellent! I was hoping so. Thank you!


NP! The wiki article even refers to it as just Lapsang, and souchong is just a word designating the larger older leaves of the branch, as opposed to the tips, usually I think it refers to the fifth through seventh leaves.

Terri HarpLady

Michelle, I hope you’ll share your poem with us when you’re ready!
I love that the tea is your muse!

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Thanks to Terri HarpLady for this sample!

Apparently I’ve tried it before, and I sort of have a vague memory of drinking it… but I haven’t tried this in a long time.

It’s a light jasmine flavor, with some natural sweetness to it. It’s not especially perfumey or soapy, as can often happen. It’s nice!

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drank Chance Combinations by Custom
318 tasting notes

These 7:30 am classes are NOT doing my sleep schedule any favors… It’s mate day!
This was my second mate before 10 am.

I mixed about a teaspoon of Adagio’s Hazelnut (sipdown… so sad) with a teaspoon of Adagio’s Caramel and a teaspoon of Fusion Tea Room’s Roasted Mate.

The result is fantastic. Roasty and naturally sweet, I’m definitely getting some chocolate and hazelnut. It’s too bad I’m out of the hazelnut now!

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Delightful! It’s a really sweet jasmine, which is nice, and the black tea stands up well. It smells very floral, but the taste is fantastically sweet.

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Why are their tea names so long? I don’t know. It’s a bit annoying, but hey, words, whatever.

Thanks so much to James R for the sample of this! Apparently it’s much like Teavana’s Golden Lotus. Cool.

The leaves are beautiful – really long and thin and beautifully silky. They’re like little tubes. Many of them are a bright dandelion gold, and some of them are bronze and black. It’s so nice to see such a wide variety of colors in a bag of tea.

The first steep is rich, dark and malty. I drank it while it was probably still a bit too hot, and while driving, so I suppose I can’t really comment too much on it. But it was full and promising.

The second steep, I didn’t steep for very long – I poured water over and let it steep until I had finished packing my bag for class. That was also malty, but there was a beautiful natural sweetness to it, especially as it cooled. On my last sip I got a whiff of marshmallow.

Third steep. The tea starts turning bronzey-orange as I pour the water over the leaves. Beautiful. I smell some of that sweetness I picked up at the end of the last steep – I’m not sure I’d go for marshmallow right now – but a cinnamon sort of graham cracker? Maybe I just have s’mores on the brain. Dunno. But I’m starting to get some roasty notes from here, almost like a dark oolong. I didn’t steep this one for very long either – too impatient.

This tea’s too good!

200 °F / 93 °C
James R

Glad you liked it!

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drank Banana Nut Bread by DAVIDsTEA
318 tasting notes

I got this as a sample in my last David’s order. Based on Steepster recommendations, I went for the upper end of the spectrum, steeping for about 8 minutes.

It’s still a very light flavored tea. There’s some sweetness from the banana. I fortunately don’t get too much of the nuts in here. It’s kind of banana flavored.

All in all, a “meh” tea. Nothing special. it was good for a cup but it’s not something I particularly want to have again. Or to clean out of my strainer. I missed the advice to use a T-sac. Now there’s just a big lump of mush in my ingenuiTEA.

Boiling 8 min or more

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drank Bolder Breakfast by The Tea Spot
318 tasting notes

This came as a sample from Terri HarpLady – thanks so much!

Not quite sure what to drink this morning, so I reached for a breakfast blend. As a rule, I don’t really buy them. I generally find them to be bland or boring.

This is not the case with this one! There’s a dark, fruity sweetness to it, almost like cherry or mulberry. The scent is full of dark chocolate, and there a bit of that wrapped around the fruitiness of it. As it cools, there’s a whiff of cinnamon that comes out.

I finally found a breakfast blend I like!

Boiling 3 min, 30 sec

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