321 Tasting Notes

drank Monkey-Picked Oolong by Teavana
321 tasting notes

I have to admit, one of the good things about being home is getting to raid my dad’s tea – my dad, who got tricked by the Teavana employees into buying lots of tea… XD
And, seeing as I can’t justify the price of this tea myself, I’m just drinking his! (he said I could. And he can drink whatever of mine he wants haha)

Smooth and a little flowery on a first steep, and then on a second steep, the butter comes out. It’s not my favorite. I don’t love it. But I will definitely drink it as long as its around!

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ha – you are lucky, my Dad gets his tea from Trader joe’s. :)


Trader Joe’s teas-better than Teavana’s? Do you raid your Dad’s stash? I want to share my Stash with the family, but they prefer storeshelf bagged tea BLLUHH!! Sorry, I gagged. My sisters like some of my good teas…….but they live out of state. :-||

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Backlogging from a couple of days ago. I really don’t like being home. I have nothing to do so I drive around for hours and go to different coffee shops. Sometimes I’ll hit up the Starbucks in my town, drive for a couple hours, finish my drink, and stop at another one three towns over. I’m bored. I’m so, so bored.

But. Saw someone drank this on here, decided to try it.

Ick. Maybe I need to try it again, but I couldn’t handle this. It was like a wash of sweet sugar syrup at first, followed by the matcha – all vegetal and seaweed-like. I could see drinking the matcha on its own, I could see drinking the frappuccino on its own, but together… Just a sickly sweet, syrupy mess.

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drank China Green Tips by Tazo
321 tasting notes

Backlog from earlier today/yesterday – I’ve drank it a lot lately. I spent this afternoon driving around the countryside, around Concord and Lexington – they’re full of old fields and historical markers blocking off stone-walked pastures. I haven’t beet here in so long – used to go walk around the Old North Bridge all the time as a kid, but I never cared about the history then. (The first shots of the Revolutionary War were fired across the bridge.) I’m not huge on history, but it’s beautiful country – all green and clean-scented, narrow roads and old wooden fences and weathered houses sitting on hills overlooking rolling fields bounded by stone walls.

Tomorrow I’m going to go walk around, I think. I have four months off. Four months. And work is so tight on payroll that I’m hardly likely to get hours this summer. But. I have an empty sourcebook and a play to write. Although today I read about 60pg of the novel, pulled about four pages of quotes, and then just wrote for ten pages. I needed to. I’ve just been haunted by this image, this little scene that showed up in my head a couple days ago and won’t go away. So of course I write three sentences of that scene and go into the backstory forever. I haven’t been able to get rid of that moment. I haven’t been able to forget.


Why do you read these? I just ramble. On to the tea.

I’ve had this a few time sover the past few days. The first time I tried it, last year or something, I didn’t understand about green teas and oversleeping and all. So obviously I didn’t like it much, but I do now. Not sure exactly on the temp/time details – just steeped the cup at Starbucks until it tasted good, and then pulled out the pyramid bag. Maybe 2 minutes or so?

It’s light and clean and grassy. I think I definitely have a preference floor Chinese greens, because even when they’re vegetal like this, they don’t seem to venture into spinich/seaweed territory, like some of the Japanese ones do. Also, it’s a lot cheaper ($2.30) for a grande versus $4something for a latte… Although I do like lattes, and followed this with a caramel macchiato… It was a marathon writing session.

So now that I’ve talked for about a sentence about the tea, and six paragraphs about other stuff, feel free to unfollow me :)

drank Blood Orange by Adagio Teas
321 tasting notes

Received this in sample form from Adagio. Didn’t love it the first time I tried it – that was hot, steeped 9+ minutes because I forgot about it… This, I’ve iced with a bit of sugar and added a splash of seltzer for a little fizz. It’s good. Not something I want to buy – the hibiscus is a bit too overwhelming, and I’ve tried better teas which are similar – the Turkish Apple Vanilla from Fusion Tea Room comes to mind. But you know, it’s good. I’ll drink the tea, but I won’t order more.

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Dylan Oxford

I believe this is what comes in the zombie tin, and I share the sentiment. It’s not bad, but I can’t see getting any more of it.


It is a little….flat.


Yeah… All I’m tasting is sour orange. Sad.

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drank Rooibos Cocomint by Adagio Teas
321 tasting notes

Hum. I’m perplexed by this tea. I used to like Rooibos a lot, especially the Teavana blends, but now finding that I really don’t care for it. Still, I don’t know if it was all the fruit in the Teavana blends that made me like it, so I’m trying other blends – I don’t want to write off a whole category just yet. Anyway, I really like coconut, and mint, and I’ve never tried a chocolate tea before. This one is okay.

I smell the chocolate primarily, followed by the coconut. When I taste it, the chocolate rolls over my tongue and then there’s an aftertaste of mint. I don’t taste too much of the coconut, but there’s an oddly “clear” sort of taste as well that I’ve identified as rooibos. I really don’t know how to describe it, only that it’s cool and clean. I don’t think it’s the mint though, since it follows after the mint. I guess m main problem with this tea is that instead of tasting “Rooibos Cocomint,” I literally taste “Cocoa, Mint, Rooibos”

Boiling 4 min, 30 sec

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drank Dragonwell by Teavana
321 tasting notes

I know I’ve reviewed this before, but I just really really love it. I know a lot f people here think that Teavana is the spawn of the devil, but I just think you need to approach it a certain way and take it for what it is. I had a lovely conversation with a worker there the other day, despite the store being super busy, and sure, he showed me products, but he knew I was only looking and didn’t push too hard.

I love this tea. I really do. It’s warm and sweet and nutty and buttery all in one. I love Dragonwells in general, I’m finding, but I’ve never found one as good as this, especially on the second steep – its like drinking liquid butter (but not in a gross way).

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drank Golden Monkey by Tealuxe
321 tasting notes

This s the first pot I tried while I was there. I was looking for a lighter, sort of malty black tea to accompany my Dostoevsky, and not having tried any of Tealuxe’s teas before, I took a guess on this one.

It wasn’t bad, per se, but I don’t think it was prepared properly. It was far too astringent for me, and I think that was due either to a longer steep time than necessary or too many leaves in the pot. They provided me with a timer, but I didn’t ask how long it steeped for, and I neglected to taste the tea as it was brewing. I also didn’t see the milk counter until it was too late.

Not to say this is a bad tea, just a bit too astringent for my taste. I may try it again in the future, but I think for now I’m going to explore some of their other offerings!

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Starting off, sorry for the huge mass of backlogs coming up. I’m currently without a computer – or, I have a computer, but I have no idea where the charger is, seeing as I can’t find it anywhere in the bags and boxes currently sitting out in the garage. If this is what I bring home from college, I’m a bit frightened for when I ACTUALLY move into a house or something. All the stuff!

So anyway, I’ve been sitting on my copy of The Idiot for awhile now, and I really have to start reading it, because I’m coauthoring a stage adaptation of it, and, well, there’s a lot of work to be done. I wasn’t getting anything done at home, so I took a trip into Harvard Square – been meaning to give Tealuxe a try for awhile now.

Anyway. On to the tea. This was actually the second pot I had, since I was unsatisfied with the first (and because the pots are tiny). I really like how it’s just a little more grassy than some of the other Dragonwells I’ve had, while still retaining the sweetness. I wanted to ask for more water to try a second steep, but I didn’t see a bathroom anywhere…so maybe next time :)

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It’s a dreary, wet day out – not raining, just wet. I’m so tired from traveling last night, and just kind of sad, that sad that slips into your bones and just hangs off of your skin.

So, soft white tea time. The little buds of this are fuzzy and sweet-smelling, with just hints of jasmine and a little peach as well. It’s a little lemony in taste, and I don’t taste an overpowering amount of jasmine, which is good. It adds to the tea without overpowering it.

200 °F / 93 °C 4 min, 15 sec

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drank Spiced Apple Chai by Adagio Teas
321 tasting notes

I should mention that I haven’t found a chai that I really like – they’re usually way too spicy for me. When I was placing my last order with Adagio, I figured I’d just try one at least, and this one didn’t seem too bad.

The dry leaf smelled fantastic – apples and cinnamon.

The tea itself is not to my taste. It’s too spicy, and a little too bitter for me. May have steeped poorly. I’m going to try this as a latte, and I think that’ll make it better – it needs milk, I think.

EDIT: Turned this into a latte with a little sugar. Not bad, but still not my favorite.

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Have you tried Samovar’s Chai? Its one of my favorites..

Rebecca Lynn

I like adagio’s Thai Chai the best I think. Their chocolate chai is pretty nice as well.


Thanks for the recs :) I don’t think chai is my cup of tea (ha), but I definitely want to try more before I decide against it!

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