3 Tasting Notes

3g in 225ml gaiwan
boiling water poured on sides, avoiding leaves
uncovered & sipped grandpa style

Dry Leaves: light brown leaves large, mimicking flaked layers of wood chip
Dry aroma: sweet, very ripe fruit
Wet Leaves: olive green, fat stemmed leaves & twigs
Liquor: apricot
Base: sweet ginger
Texture: light
Throatiness: fiery and lasting
Quenchless: punchy, bursts in the cheeks, on the roof mouth, tip of the tongue, bowl of the tongue, back of the throat, glowing ball in the belly
Chaqi: rush up to eyes and makes the hair stand on end, keep drinking to be the center of world spinning

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120 ruyi yixing

Dry Leaves: long black twists
Dry aroma: tobacco
Wet Leaves: army green narrow leaves long stems
Wet aroma: horse hay twigs sweat mild smoke
Tea aroma: horse hay
Liquor: dark caramel
Base: farm
Texture: light
Throatiness: cold smoke, dissipates quickly but leaves the impression of something slimey
Quenchless: round like glass marbles on the roof of the mouth & cheek pouches, slow descent against back of throat, warm marble in the belly
Chaqi: energy to the triceps

Brewing steps:
INFs 50s, 3, 5min

7min (circular agitation @2min)
Smoke. Huigan. Gauchos. Maté.

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Muji Hakuji Porcelain Tea Pot – 360ml

Dry Leaves: Olive cocoa oblong & rolls, like a bowl of dried leaves & acorns
Dry aroma: Sour plum (酸梅)
Wet Leaves: Olive. Strong stemmed, beautiful archetype of Leaf.
Wet aroma: Sour plum. Dry garden. Wet twigs. Hot sun on wet ocean sand.
Liquor: Amber
Base: Mineral
Texture: creamy, fills the mouth like a hot air balloon
Throatiness: on and on like the duracell bunny
Quenchless: dries the tip of the tongue, dries the mouthroof, warms the throat
Chaqi: Frog’s eyes. Solar plexus as hot water balloon.

Brewing steps:
INFs by 1m
Blanched vegetables. Dry forest. Nutty snack. Sweetness of caramelized root.

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