Huh. Well I dug this out since it was Easter the other day and decided this was my most Eastery tea. I recall not much liking it last time I had it, but that was a long time ago.
I brewed it up and it smelled pretty nice at first. Fruity, not bad at all. This brew didn’t have a jellybean, but whatever, I was adding sugar anyways.
So, the thing with this tea is that it taste quite pleasant. You’re getting some citrus and sweetness, and it’s nice. But as it starts to cool, it starts to smell like stomach bile and/or vomit. Seriously. I have to go back in my notes to see if I smelled this the last time I drank it, but I seem to recall that it did smell off. If you just drink it without inhaling, it still tastes nice and pleasant. But if you inhale as you sip, God help you.
I just…yuck. Drink this one hot guys, real hot. And don’t inhale as you sip. Yikes. Would not repurchase and will be hard pressed to finish the bag I have.

Boiling 4 min, 45 sec

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Recently graduated sociology student trying to decide what to do with her life.
I don’t drink tea every day, but I do love tea and trying out different flavours. My favorite is black tea, followed by white and mate teas. I enjoy rooibos and oolongs, but haven’t tried enough of them yet to determine how much I like them compared to other types. I don’t like straight green tea, but if it has a good flavour added to it I can enjoy it quite a lot.
Mostly I drink DavidsTea since its Canadian and they tend to have stronger teas and more interesting flavors than other places I’ve tried. I don’t care for what I’ve tried from Teavana for the most part; their teas seem weak and overpriced in general as far as I can tell. The exception is My Morning Mate, which is incredible.
My city has not a single specialty tea shop, so DavidsTea online ordering is my friend. I highly recommend their Perfect Mug. It really is perfect. Nice thin lip, large hand, larger than average mug without being too big, and I have it in clear so I can see the beautiful colours of my teas as they steep. The strainer that comes with it is my favorite because it doesn’t let any tea through, and its metal and dishwasher safe. Love it.


BC, Canada

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