1812 Tasting Notes

drank Marshmallow Macaron by Teavana
1812 tasting notes

From the Herbal TTB

Okay, smells like marshmallow…hmmm. I did not look at the ingredients list until I went to log this, and then I noted Flyawaybirdie’s comments about the papaya. Sitting here with the log window open, preparing to sip…

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drank Nutty Almond Cream by Tiesta Tea
1812 tasting notes

Herbal TTB Reminds me a lot of a chocolate breakfast cereal!

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drank Special Dark by Mandala Tea
1812 tasting notes

Brewed in an all-too-infrequently-used yixing pot…a delicious afternoon.


Yay! Hope it also helped that nasty cough of yours :-)


It did, until right now, which is probably due to me not drinking any for the past twenty minutes! Time for a resteep.


Special Dark! Just brewed this up for a coffee-addicted friend in the shop yesterday. I don’t think he’s gonna be coffee-addicted for long. He adored it. He sent a message a couple of hours later and said the energy he got from that tea is so much cleaner than coffee. I’m not saying he should quit coffee. I’m just saying he should start drinking tea. The rest will take care of itself :)

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For being a fake-aged shou pu’erh, this was not bad at all!
(Yes, they even say it on their website: “This particular tea is part of the new school of pu’erh production. Called a “cooked” (shou) pu’erh, it’s heated and fully dried to simulate aging.” Note: “simulate.”)

The price is really good, too. It certainly does not quite have the same earthiness as a true, aged-underground, shou would, but they have done a good job of emulating a 6- or 8-year aged pu’erh.

The aroma of the tea is similar to a normal shou pu’erh, though the aroma of the wet leaves differs a bit, probably due to the lack of true earthiness.

In terms of resteepability, it is decent, though not amazing, but I was not expecting a whole load of steeps, so getting four decent steeps from a gong fu session with a gaiwan was good.

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drank Bravissimo by DAVIDsTEA
1812 tasting notes

Rough cough from allergies and yuck, so this is actually the first of the morning. (Kind of unusual for me to be drinking an herbal, first thing.)

The small amount of sweetness was interesting, but I liked the rest of the blend better.

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drank Super Ginger (organic) by DAVIDsTEA
1812 tasting notes

Super ginger indeed! But I love the taste!

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drank Bear Trap by DAVIDsTEA
1812 tasting notes

Another Herbal TTB special, smelling strongly of strawberries, mostly. The taste is much the same. I wonder, though, how it would taste cold?

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Herbal TTB, you are pretty awesome. That is, the people of the Herbal Traveling Tea Box are pretty awesome folks.
Mango rooibos…a new flavor combination for me…enjoyable!

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drank Jolly Jellybean by DAVIDsTEA
1812 tasting notes

The first non-Adagio rooibos of the day from the Herbal TTB.
Weak. Tart. Kind of jellybean-flavored. Mostly fruity.


That’s about what I thought about this tea.. strangely, when it cooled, the flavors were amplified a little bit..making it much better…but it still had less flavor than I was expecting, too.


Hmm, I might have to consider another cup – cold this time.

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drank Rooibos Orange by Adagio Teas
1812 tasting notes

Enjoying the Herbal TTB, this afternoon. This one smells almost…bitter.
The flavor is a bit like that, too. Not a huge fan.

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“I love trading tea and trying new teas. My favourites are oolong (mainly Chinese) and pu’erh.
Will gladly talk all day about tea.”

The above was my bio when I joined five years ago, and I felt it needed to be updated. I still love pu’erh, though I have begun to take preference toward cooked, shou. Oolongs are certainly still a go-to tea for me, but I have expanded my horizons to begin including greens and blacks based upon the weather and how I am feeling.

Still more than glad to talk about tea – anytime, anywhere, anyplace.
Additionally, if fountain pens, books, music, or computers are on the discussion list…

My ratings, this “personal enjoyment scale” about which I talk, are just that – based on how much I enjoyed the tea. I might have enjoyed it immensely, yet do not keep it stocked for various reasons. On the flip side, I have a few teas that are “good” but not “great,” which I keep stocked for various reasons.



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