1015 Tasting Notes


This tea is helping me stay sane after a long day with 6 year olds. So far, so good but I think I will require more tea just to be on the safe side.

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A nice treat after an evening of overindulgences while watching the Super Bowl. Hope it doesn’t keep me up though….

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I’m finishing up my sample of this today. This is a pretty standard breakfast tea, but I prefer a bolder and maltier breakfast tea. That being said, I am enjoying this tea with a healthy dose of milk and sugar while getting ready for our Super Bowl party.

3 min, 15 sec

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drank Garden Apricot Green by Teazora
1015 tasting notes

This is a tea that my husband picked up for me at a Chinese restaurant. Apparently, they had several loose leaf varieties for sale behind the counter, but he chose this one because he thought an apricot tea sounded good. I was pretty apprehensive of this tea because the tin just had the name of the tea and “Teazora” which I’m assuming to be the name of the company. Upon inspection, the tea base appears to be sencha and there is a pretty juicy apricot scent coming from the leaves.

After brewing, this tea is a very light green-yellow and still has the scent of apricot. The base imparts a slightly vegetal flavor but is mostly buttery and smooth. The apricot is juicy but hits towards the end of the sip and in the aftertaste. Overall, this is pretty good and I’ve already drank my way through half of the tin. I’m not sure I would want another tin, but I think my husband did a decent job of picking out a good tea.

4 min, 15 sec

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drank Dreamsicle Darjeeling by 52teas
1015 tasting notes

This tea isn’t necessarily one that I crave, but it IS a good choice for tonight. It is making my hour long online lecture more manageable and is doing a great job of keeping me alert. I also think I hit the perfect steeping time because this is a very creamy, delicious cup.

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drank Ceylon Black by Drink The Leaf
1015 tasting notes

I finished up the last of my Ceylon Black this afternoon. I think this is one of the better ceylons I have had as I feel they are usually a bit weaker than I prefer my black tea. There is a definite chocolate note that really complements the additions of milk and sugar. I’ve enjoyed this tea while I’ve had it, but it isn’t one I would necessarily seek out in the future.

5 min, 0 sec

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drank Buttered Popcorn by 52teas
1015 tasting notes

I haven’t had this in awhile so I decided to give it a shot. I’m trying it without additions today and I think I like it much better this way. The black tea base is smooth and not bitter at all. There is a definite popcorn taste and texture – sort of a dry, carb presence but not astringent. I am getting just a tad of butter which nicely rounds out the flavor. I’m going to raise the rating because I like it much better without adding anything to it.

5 min, 0 sec

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drank Florence by Harney & Sons
1015 tasting notes

I wanted something a bit different tonight so I decided to blend this 50/50 with Harney & Son’s Boston. This is actually a pretty tasty blend. All the flavors are noticeable yet complementary. Initially the cranberry and hazelnut stand out followed by a chocolate/almond aftertaste. I’m not sure how often I’ll try this blend, but it made for a delicious cup before bed.

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drank Emperor's Red by Premium Steap
1015 tasting notes

So far, 2 infusions in on this lovely tangy, roasty, and cocoa-ish tea. So perfect for an unexpected snow day!

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I’ve had this tea bag in my cupboard for quite awhile. It has been glaring at me, but I’ve been resisting because I don’t usually care for licorice. Strangely though, it sounds really, really good tonight.
Initially the mint hits you very clearly with the sweet licorice not too far behind. Honestly, the licorice in this isn’t the typical candy-like sweetness that I can’t stand. The licorice in this seems to only impart a sweetness instead of an actual flavor.
Overall, I probably wouldn’t buy this again but it isn’t horrible. The more I drink it, the more I kind of like it.

6 min, 30 sec

Yogi pretty much over-licorices everything, which is sad—-there are a lot of varieties that sound pretty tasty otherwise.

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Formally known as mrawlins2

I am a former coffee drinker turned tea lover.

Black tea is probably my favorite type of tea, but I rather enjoy most types… I’m even developing a taste for pu-erh.

Rating Scale:
0-10: This tea is either flavorless or just plain undrinkable. I will avoid these teas in the future.

11-20: I was only able to make it through a few sips before pouring the tea out.

21-30: I may have been able to make it through the first cup but the thought of having another has me cringing.

31-40: Teas in this range are not horrible, but nothing I would seek out in the future.

41-60: Would drink if offered, but would not purchase for myself.

61-70: Okay, nothing special

71-80: Enjoyable, but I have to be in the mood for these. Probably would purchase if I found a really great price.

81-90: Pretty good tea, will probably be one of my favorites.

91-95: These teas are really excellent. I wouldn’t necessarily run out and buy more of these (just because there are so many teas out there that I haven’t tried), but I would miss this tea.

96-99: Terrific, very impressive.

100: This special rating is reserved for teas that are absolutely perfect in my opinion. I will only give out a rating of 100 to one tea per category (Earl Grey, unflavored black, dessert tea, Irish Breakfast, etc). These are teas that I really want to have around.

Perfect Teas so Far:

Earl Grey: Saint Isaac’s Blend (Russian Earl Grey) from Upton

Dessert Tea: Marco Polo from Mariage Freres

Unflavored Black: Emperor’s Red from Premium Steap



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