1015 Tasting Notes

drank Queen of Berries by Tea Palace
1015 tasting notes

I have a bit of this tea thanks to threewhales! It is a really good, juicy strawberry tea. The strawberry and tea are in perfect harmony and really work well together. This is really good plain, but I’m having it with a pinch of sugar and milk – this is great!

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drank Milk Oolong by thepuriTea
1015 tasting notes

Thanks to threewhales I’m getting to try another milk oolong! I definitely oversteeped this a bit but it isn’t bitter. The texture is a bit creamier than others I’ve tried, but I’m just not sure that I love milk oolongs. However, this is a pretty good one and I’m enjoying it!

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Matcha-thon! English Toffee latte all the way! I desperately need a kick so hoping the matcha will work fast! Out of the flavors I’ve tried from Red Leaf Tea I think this is my favorite flavor.


YAY! Matcha-Thon!!!!

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drank Mocha Matcha by Red Leaf Tea
1015 tasting notes

I’m having a nice big mug with 2 hefty scoops of this matcha and a bit of milk to start my day. It is a good one!

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drank Chance Combinations by Custom
1015 tasting notes

After my morning cup of Earl Grey Creme Vanilla (Upton), I found myself really craving Rosy Earl Grey – that I haven’t had in my cupboard in many months. So I improvised. To my infuser basket with the used Earl Grey Creme Vanilla leaves I added 5 Rishi Jasmine Pearls and a small pinch of Upton’s Rose Congou. Yay! Vanilla Rosy Earl! This is definitely satisfying my very specific craving.


Morning tea once again! The bergamot and cream are perfectly balanced today.

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First tea of the day with a splash of milk! Good and dependable as always.

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drank Mocha Matcha by Red Leaf Tea
1015 tasting notes

This is my latest taste adventure from Red Leaf Tea! Now, I consider myself a bit of a coffee expert. I don’t drink much coffee now but I used to live on the stuff and have had more than my fair share of traditional hot and iced mocha coffees. I wasn’t super convinced that the mocha flavor would translate well to matcha, but I gave it a shot. I’m really glad that I did! This is pretty awesome. You can find more information and order some of this Mocha Matcha for yourself here: http://www.redleaftea.com/matcha-tea/mocha-matcha.html.

I knew once I opened the pouch that I was in for a treat! This smells like a rich, dark chocolate with just a tiny bit of a coffee aroma coming through. Out of the matchas I’ve tried from Red Leaf Tea, this one had the most powerful aroma. Once again, I was impressed that the matcha was a beautiful, bright green despite being flavored. I immediately wanted to have this cold since that is how I prefer my coffee based mochas. So I added a really hefty scoop of this matcha into a blender bottle along with milk and a tiny drizzle of honey. After shaking it all up, it smells just like sitting in a coffee house! The taste of this is completely awesome. If I was blindfolded, I would be certain that this was a coffee based drink. The chocolate is dark and rich with the coffee flavors just backing everything up. The coffee flavoring isn’t bitter or overpowering. I think I can taste just a hint of the matcha towards the end of the sip, but the flavoring is really in control of this blend.

Even though I almost always drink tea rather than coffee, it is nice to have something that will suit my occasional coffee cravings without having to brew an entire pot (and have the entire house smell) or go to an overpriced coffee shop. Like all of the matchas I’ve tried from Red Leaf Tea, this is really great and I think it would make a good addition to any baked good. I’m thinking that adding it to buttercream to top a chocolate cake would really set things off. This is a great gateway matcha for those who enjoy coffee. There is no bitterness that matcha can sometimes have and the flavors are bold with a good kick of caffeine.


Wow this one sounds good, I didn’t know about mocha matcha! Must try some, it might help me develop a taste for matcha by itself.

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This poor tea has been pushed to the back of my tea cupboard for far too long. I had forgotten how great and soothing this tea is! What a great tea for a Friday night cuddled up on the couch with my cat and reading The Princess Bride.

3 min, 0 sec

As you wish! ;)


My name is …


You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.


After finishing the book tonight, I’ll just have to watch the movie again tomorrow.


That movie was the reason my daughter took up fencing, and later was followed in it by her brother. So far the you ger two haven’t tried it, but I am hoping they will. Maybe we need to watch lots of swashbuckling action movies.

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I’ve been sipping on this tea all day ~ it is alright, but nothing memorable. It is a good tea for when you are focusing on other activities. It is a bit nutty and not really sweet – not nearly as complex as I prefer my darker oolongs. Overall, I wouldn’t purchase this but I’ll definitely enjoy what I have.

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Formally known as mrawlins2

I am a former coffee drinker turned tea lover.

Black tea is probably my favorite type of tea, but I rather enjoy most types… I’m even developing a taste for pu-erh.

Rating Scale:
0-10: This tea is either flavorless or just plain undrinkable. I will avoid these teas in the future.

11-20: I was only able to make it through a few sips before pouring the tea out.

21-30: I may have been able to make it through the first cup but the thought of having another has me cringing.

31-40: Teas in this range are not horrible, but nothing I would seek out in the future.

41-60: Would drink if offered, but would not purchase for myself.

61-70: Okay, nothing special

71-80: Enjoyable, but I have to be in the mood for these. Probably would purchase if I found a really great price.

81-90: Pretty good tea, will probably be one of my favorites.

91-95: These teas are really excellent. I wouldn’t necessarily run out and buy more of these (just because there are so many teas out there that I haven’t tried), but I would miss this tea.

96-99: Terrific, very impressive.

100: This special rating is reserved for teas that are absolutely perfect in my opinion. I will only give out a rating of 100 to one tea per category (Earl Grey, unflavored black, dessert tea, Irish Breakfast, etc). These are teas that I really want to have around.

Perfect Teas so Far:

Earl Grey: Saint Isaac’s Blend (Russian Earl Grey) from Upton

Dessert Tea: Marco Polo from Mariage Freres

Unflavored Black: Emperor’s Red from Premium Steap



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