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I guess this is a good tea if you like English Breakfast. To me, this tea is virtually undrinkable, as it is too astringent. I guess this tea is made to be mixed with milk and other stuff. I was expecting something else. Their website suggests drinking their Chinese tea varieties, such as Yunan tea, as you can drink that as a standalone tea with no mixers necessary. Lesson learned.

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The trick with this tea, in order to make it taste good you have t steep it in less than boiling water, otherwise you’ll get that raw sewage taste from the Vlerian I’m guessing. It makes me sleepy.

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I like this stuff! At first I thought the flavor was kind of weak, and that it just didn’t satisfy my needs, but as I continued drinking, it gradually started to win me over. Now, it has officially won me over. The flavor is delicate, but it has that earthy rooibos taste that give it a nice little element. It also has spice and a predominant berry flavor going on here. Its a blend that somehow just makes sense, despite the fact that it seems like a bunch of random ingredients thrown together in a bag. A little sugar imo really helps bring out the flavors.

Good job celelstial seasonings! This is my first tea from you guys, so I’ll be checking you out further. I’ll also be checking out more rooibos blends, as I feel its more suitable when mixed with other ingredients, rather than by itself.

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I never tried a non-japanese green tea before, frankly because I thought the Japanese were the only ones who could do it right. It appears that I’ve been very sadly mistaken, this stuff tastes really good and has a lot of flavor. My world and all my beliefs are being destroyed with each new cup of tea that I drink. I don’t know myself anymore.

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This is a solid green-tea that is readily available at your local Japanese super market (assuming you have a local Japanese Supermarket-fortunately I do). I haven’t really ventured out into online buying for my Japanese greenteas as I like to support my local Japanese stores, but I am thinking about trying what the internet has to offer pretty soon.

Having said that, I’ve drank sen-cha and houji-cha almost exclusively for my whole entire life, given the fact that I am half-Japanese. The stuff that we usually get gets shipped straight from Japan and is some pretty good stuff- nothing pretentious- just good clean straightforward high quality green tea.

Mae-dan provides a close substitute for when we run out of the HQ (high-quality) stuff. It has pretty clean taste, with what I can identify as a somewhat “frothy” taste to it. This usually signifies a high theanine content, which is supposedly what relaxes you to counteract the caffeine jitters you may encounter when drinking coffee.

This is a green tea I would recommend if you want to make green-tea a normal staple of your tea diet. It’s not gonna blow your sock off, but its solid, and its made with pretty good quality at a reasonable price.

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drank Kava Stress Relief by Yogi Tea
9 tasting notes

When we got home we took our first sip of the product, and much to our surprise the taste was distinct, but not over powering. The cinnamon flavor is definitely there, but it has a sort of malty kind of taste to it. Upon noticing this, I subsequently looked at the package ingredients and noticed that malted barley was in fact one of the listed ingredients, but malted barley tastes nothing like malt balls or single malt whisky. Then I looked further down the ingredient listings and realized that it wasn’t malt at all that I was tasting, it was sarsaparilla! You know, the ingredient that is used to make rootbeer? Well, this was my first time experiencing sasparilla in a non-root-beer product, and I was very pleased with it.

As far as relaxation goes, it seems to get the job done there as well, although I doubt it has anything to do with Kava, as I have had real Kava powder before and needed to fill up almost a 2oz container of the root to get any pronounced effect on it. Although they use an extract in this tea so maybe it does help.

I’ve tried other yogi teas as well: Tahitian Vanilla-lousy; India Spice-awesome. And then there’s this one, which I highly recommend, at least as an introductory course to chai teas, like had been done for me.

180 °F / 82 °C 6 min, 0 sec

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