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I am on a black tea kick so this tea was right up my alley. I love cream of Earl Grey, so I thought I would try something different. I liked the taste of fruit in it because it doesn’t over power the taste of the tea, but it adds a nice touch. For me, this isn’t an everyday kind of tea, but something I have to be in the mood for.

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Unfortunately I found this tea to be very tart. I could not taste the strawberries at all. I tried two different steeps, but found both to be disappointing since this tea seems to be very popular. I will be returning this for something else.

Daniel Scott

Wow, really? Huh, I adore this one. Is it very tart…can’t recall now! Curious to know your steeping time/temp for this?

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With my kettle, I can’t control for temperature. The first steep was after boiling (I know a crime, but I was running late this morning) and I gave it five minutes (I like my tea strong). The second steep, the water was boiled, but I let it cool down to a manageable temperature and still let it steep five minutes.

Any thoughts to make it better?

Daniel Scott

Whoa, no wonder! Nooo to just boiled water. You probably shouldn’t steep a white at hotter than 80-85 degrees C. If you don’t have a tea thermometer, try putting some water in a pan on the stove. Take it off the heat JUST as you start to see bubbles forming – that should be about 80 degrees.

And 5 minutes is way too long for this one – I’d maybe start at 1.5 or 2.

Black teas I tend to like strong and I grew up leaving the bag in for 5 minutes or more. But I’ve found loose leaf – especially more delicate teas – to be stuff you need to experiment with. I remember now…when I first tried this one I started with too LOW a temp because I was concerned about scorching the leaves (68 degrees or so), so I let it sit in the water longer to compensate and make it “stronger.” It was naaaasty.

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Thank you for the advice! I would have never thought about heating water in the pan.

Daniel Scott

Haha, I’m stuck doing nothing but since our kettle broke. It was a sad moment, but in the time since I’ve realized how many temps I was screwing up when my only two options were boiling (kettle) or 68 degrees (hot water dispenser).

[email protected]

Well at least some good tea will come out of it!

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Loved this seasonal tea. I found that the jellybeans add a different kind of flavour to it. I did steep the jellybeans, instead of eating them, and found that it put just enough sugar in the tea and made it good. Though I did find that the bottom of the cup was not the best cause it had all sunk to the bottom and had gotten cold. But I love the coconut and pineapple taste perfect for spring.

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One of my favourite teas. It goes great with a bit of milk. I feel like it enhances the vanilla. Could drink this all day, every day.

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I had previously gotten a cup of this to go and I thought it was pretty good. So I bought 100g in a tin. Unfortunately when I had a taste this morning, ick! I think I need to steep it for longer. I felt the 5 minutes was not long enough. I tasted more apples than maple, I don’t think there was enough actual tea in mine. I’m going to do a second steep to see how I feel about it and then decide if I want to take it back.

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I am a citrus lover and this tea is perfect. It is very relaxing and calming. I do like my tea strong in flavour so I add more than necessary, but then I can get at least three steeps out of the same leaves. Definitely worth trying, if you haven’t already.

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Anthropology/history university student with a love of reading and tea. I have a new obsession with DAVIDs TEA and will try any kind of tea. Except any chocolate flavouring.

Newbie on here, so I would like some suggestions on what to try next!


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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