I get a mild malt with tanginess from this and a bit of honey. There isn’t anything that makes me say “Ooo, have to have this over similar Yunnan Sourcing teas” though the price is certainly right. It is close to some honey blacks, but the mouth feel afterward is much more drying than those have been for me and not as much honey sensation.

I hope I got this entered correctly and not in duplicate. There are so many names for this company. I searched through all of them I could find and didn’t see this listed.

This is my first tea from Berylleb. And honestly, their name makes me smile every time I see it. I want to pronounce it Bellyreb and that makes me think of a good ol’ boy in overalls with a round pot belly. Not the most PC of associations, I grant you. But the picture of that drinking tea from a China cups tickles me.

I am glad to have tried this. It was a pleasant morning cup. Thanks again, Liquid Proust!

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