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This is for the Spring 2016 harvest, generously provided in sample size with my recent order.

Holy cats, this is an awesome tea. This reminds me of all I adore in golden tippy teas. The malt, the cocoa, the cream. This one has a smooth, rich, buttery feeling to it. A truly exceptional harvest with what had to be some masterful processing. Second steep was not as mind blowing, but I did steep the first cup for at least 4 minutes, Western style.


205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

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Not sure I’d say this is my favorite snaily yum, but it’s pretty good. Smells smokier dry than it actually is. It’s mostly a soft malt with some hay in the aftertaste and an overall sweetness. Pretty good all in all. Steeped Western as I find I don’t care as much for the snails done in gong fu steeps.

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Good T-Rex but this is still a phenomenal tea.

Smelling the dry leaves in the warmed pot – I could sniff this for hours. Hay and malt and sweetness like molasses. So, so intoxicating. Oh, my Precious. The bottom of the tin gets closer…


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Another in the quest to replace Min River Tea’s JJM.

According to the website, this is from the originator that Chris suggested – Junde – the originators of JJM. So it should be pretty authentic at least. However… it’s still not Min River, sadly.

This is a good cup. A moderately malty, mildly chocolatey cup with some buttery mouthfeel when not using a metallic cup. :) In a silvered cup, it becomes very bright in feel and somewhat thinner. Still a good cup, though, and I do notice the coppery finish when using the silvered cup. I probably won’t keep this particular one around, but I may eventually try other variations from Dragon Teahouse to compare.


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This is the first thing from the Sheng Olympics that I have enjoyed. The others have been interesting, but overall, still not my thing. This is not really a sheng, is that correct, but rather a pressed, age(d)-(ing) white tea cake?

The scent is dill and herbs and flowers. Interestingly, as opposed to several others, I don’t taste much dill in the steeped liquor. I get a ton of citrus and floral. It does have a drying effect for me on the 3rd infusion.

It’a a lovely tea, both in the leaf and the liquor. So glad to have tried this! Thanks, LP, for including it with the share of the group and to James for sending a share of the group to me! I shall keep soldiering on as I try these shengs. I’m not reviewing most of them as I don’t feel that I know enough about them and don’t want to skew impressions for true pu-heads. :)


Its lovely isnt it. I bought a couple of these :)

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drank Handcrafted Black by Justea
786 tasting notes

Tried for the first time at work today. Sweet and something the description doesn’t even hint at – meaty, savory, smoke. Not ashpit or campfire smoke though. Like really, really well smoked meat. This would make a fantastic marinade I think. It’s a chewy tea that is very smooth and easy to drink. I was initially leery of the dry leaf scent as it was pretty smoky. I was dreading it being like lapsang souchong. But it turned out to be a really, really good tea.

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 16 OZ / 473 ML

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Didn’t really get the fruit out of this. It was deep and rich with some smoke overtones but not unpleasant. Woodsy and strong but not bitter or drying. It seems like a pretty standard China black, presented in a different format.

It was included as a free gift with my last purchase. Not sure I’d replace it, but maybe. Main reason I wouldn’t is that the amount of tea in one of the pillows is so much, you pretty much have to commit to the same tea all day long. :)

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This was my travel mug that went with me to work way too early this morning. I don’t often take a travel tea with me since it isn’t ever cool enough to drink before I get to work anyway. If I got up more than 15 minutes before leaving the house, it would be a different story, I know. :)

But this worked well to start my day. Still fantastically good. Smooth and malty and hard not to gulp.


This is a really good one.It’s Alistair’s favorite tea if I remember right. I really enjoy it no matter how I brew it!

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I just don’t think pu is for me… Everyone is raving about this tea and what I smell and taste is menthol, mold and wet sofa. :( I did just off boiling, 5 grams, 150 ml water, rinse, 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 20 seconds, 40 seconds, 1 minute. I will say that it wasn’t bitter at all and had a lovely color. But tastewise, I’m trying but I just don’t get it I’m afraid.


Keep trying , don’t give up


I haven’t tried this one but some sheng this age has unpleasant notes to it, no avoiding it no matter how much puerh you drink. They don’t all age well.


I’m wrong I did try this one and forgot about it.

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