I was buying groceries last night and when walking by the Indian spices section decided to grab some cardamom. So, I threw this together this afternoon. These were pretty cheap grocery store spices so using more premium ingredients would, I imagine, be even better.

I simmered my spices (about 12 cardamom pods, several pieces of cinnamon bark, about 8 different-coloured peppercorns, and lots of cloves all crushed slightly with a mortar and pestle) in a cup or so of almond milk on the stove for maybe 20 minutes. I brewed one cup of strong organic Assam and mixed ’em together, letting simmer for a bit longer.

I took it to go in my Libre and it kept me warm on the streetcar. Very tasty! I’ll definitely have to play around with this, but it was fun to make and very satisfying.

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