I bought this in an attempt to find a mate I like. The reports of its great chocolateyness convinced me. To be fair here, I haven’t liked any mate I’ve tried. But I do like chocolate, which I was hoping would override it.

It does smell very chocolatey in the bag, but once I brewed it I got worried. It just smelled like mate. So I courageously took a sip and, well, it didn’t taste like much of anything! There was a tiny hint of chocolate but not much going on. I think I used plenty, so I will have to try steeping longer. On the bright side, it didn’t taste like unpleasant mate to me. It gets points for that. I decided to heat and whisk some chocolate almond milk I have but since that itself doesn’t taste like much, it only improved it slightly.

I don’t know. It was okay but I ended up forgetting about it halfway through the mug and never finished.

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