I stopped by my local store yesterday to grab the spring collection as an end-of-week celebration. I’ve been wanting to try DT’s unflavoured oolongs, so got a cup of this to go. The dry leaf smelled quite pleasant, but when I was handed the cup with the little bag of steeping tea, I was surprised. I got this weird, seaweed-like smell! Perhaps I’m just not used to drinking oolongs with the leaves still kicking about.

Thankfully when I took a sip, it had nothing to do with what I was smelling. This was nice. Light, green, floral. I found it nicely refreshing after a long day of exam-writing on not enough sleep. I kept it steeping quite a while longer than I would normally as I got distracted browsing in other stores, but it didn’t seem to suffer for it or to get bitter. I’d consider picking some up to have on hand when I want a solid straight oolong.

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