Okay, so I didn’t expect this tea to make me sleepy. I thought it would be a chamomile, relaxing-type tea (it is), but those don’t do much for me and I don’t typically see any effects from herbs/teas/remedies I try so didn’t expect it to do much.

But, this makes me dopey! It’s amazing! I’ve tried it the past two nights when I needed to get to sleep and it pushed me over the line between lazy and drowsy, which is always my problem. The first night I thought I might just be getting tired on my own or that it was my imagination, but it helped last night too. I don’t think it would knock me out if I were well-rested, but it really seems to help put me to sleep when I would rather just stay up browsing Steepster all night. I suppose it could just be a placebo effect but it really felt like I had been sedated, which is weirdly exciting.

The taste is better than I expected. I’m not a fan of chamomile, and this is pretty chamomile, but it’s definitely manageable. I like the lemongrass, and while I’m not typically into mint, the peppermint in the background blends nicely. It’s really just an herbally concoction but if it helps put me to sleep I would drink a lot worse.

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