I am running dangerously low on this one, but absolutely had to break into it tonight. This day/week has not been going my way and I knew this was the one I needed. It’s good on many occasions, but it’s perfect to wrap up in a blanket and wallow with for a bit.

It’s got me feeling much improved with its intriguing spicy, earthy chocolateyness. I never know how to describe this one because it has so much going on. Yet it all works together so well. It’s not sweet and dessert-like as one might think from the title. Instead, it’s mellow but complex, tasting more of dark chocolate than other chocolate teas I’ve had. I don’t tend to like cinnamon teas, but the cinnamon in this just helps highlight the chocolate and doesn’t give me that weird mouth feel I sometimes get from cinnamon.

This tea makes me want to sit down and contemplate life. I hope it comes back ASAP!

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