This tea does strange things to my head. The scent is really potent and blows me away while pouring my cup. From the scent I think I know what’s coming. It takes me back to my early highschool tea days, or to that best cup of Earl Grey I’ve ever had at a cafe by St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. But there is also a bit freshly-squeezed orange hitting my nose along with the bright bergamot.

Bringing the cup up to sip, my tastebuds are still expecting a classic Earl Grey. So it’s a bit of a shock to get what they do, but they like it. The crisp bergamot is delicious but there are also other juicy citrus notes and a light sweetness. None of the astringency of black tea. It all blends together seamlessly.

I wanted something with at least a little caffeine this morning, but it needed to be gentle. This made the perfect Sunday morning tea.

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