I paid altogether too much for a Kusmi sample set simply because it was the second time I’d run into one in a week. I’m surprised my willpower stuck with me that first time, and it certainly didn’t this time. The tins are so beautiful! Pretty packaging always gets me.

This is one I really wanted to try. It sounded delightful, even though there’s a lot going on. The tea is crisp and bright and there is that red berry flavour off the top, subtle caramel sweetness at the end, and a little citrus throughout. It feels very summery. Fitting, since a carnival suddenly set up shop and closed down a large chunk of my street with no explanation this weekend. It’s been a weird set of sounds to have in the background for the past few days. And it’s disorienting leaving your building and seeing a bouncy castle. Okay, I’ve just looked it up and I think this was Taste of Little Italy? I was certainly fooled as I saw no delicious food, only carnival games and a train ride. I should’ve walked further west.

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